The ‘Perfect Smile’ For 2019?

Let Crown House Dental In Egham Help You!

From reality TV stars sharing their aesthetic secrets, to dental technology becoming so advanced it is able to replace not only the tooth but the tooth root, cosmetic dentistry is officially here and able to give you the smile you have always wanted.

Cosmetic dentistry is now more accessible than ever and is readily available here at your local Egham dentist. From dental veneers to complete smile makeovers, we offer a full range of treatments to rejuvenate your smile and hopefully enhance your confidence as a result.

If you’ve been thinking of having your smile make over and don’t know where to start, please keep reading! We’ll give you an excellent starting point for your research so you’re well on your way to having that ‘perfect smile’ for 2019.

Who Is Suitable For Cosmetic Dentistry?

All kinds of patients have these transformative treatments, and the extent of the treatment is individual to the person. Common issues to correct can include:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Gaps in your smile
  • Stained or yellowing teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Receding or excess gums

Often, patients come to visit us at our professional Egham clinic in preparation for an event like a wedding or an important job interview. Other patients have regular treatments as a part of their beauty routine.

In some instances, the techniques we provide can change lives significantly for the better. A patient may have spent years covering their mouth whilst they laugh or talk, avoided dates or job interviews and generally experienced low confidence because of a smile they hate. Following treatment to give them their dream smile, patients can feel they have been given their life back with a renewed sense of confidence and self esteem.

Different Types Of Treatment:

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Planning an exotic trip overseas?

Dr Hana Khan - Crown House Dental

Preparing for oral health care with your Egham dentist

Cheaper travel rates, accommodation and social media showing us that we can all be more adventurous if we really want to be, means that exotic holidays are more accessible than ever. There are lots of things to consider with trips like these, but we want to help you with one very important consideration, and that is your oral health.

There’s nothing like a horrible toothache to ruin any trip, but it is a lot worse when you don’t have access to a dentist until you get home. You also want the best possible smile for that incredible jungle/abandoned beach/mountain top selfie you’re going to break the internet with! Dr Hana Khan shares some sound advice below:

Take Spares And Then More Spares!

On a normal holiday you might take a toothbrush and toothpaste, knowing you could buy replacements at the local supermarket with English products or, products just like those you buy at home. However, when the holiday is more exotic and you won’t have a shop to visit, or you won’t be able to understand labels and language is a true barrier, you need to take spares. Just take two brushes and two toothpastes instead of one, so you know if you leave a toothbrush behind in your accommodation, you’ve got a spare available to you.

Keep Up Oral Health Routines

The less you care for your teeth daily, the more likely an issue is to arise whilst you are away. Daily oral health routines of brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time will make a lot of difference to how healthy your teeth look and feel. So even if you are partying or, travelling overnight, try to remember to brush twice a day for two minutes at the very least.

Watch What You Eat And Drink

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Taking Care Of Your Smile As A University Student

Diligent oral care whilst studying.

Being at university is exciting, confusing and at times overwhelming. There are lots and lots of reasons you need your smile to be in the best condition during this memorable time of life. You’re meeting new people, going for important interviews and doing presentations, you might even be going on a few dates!

To help you maintain the most beautiful smile for these important years, follow your Egham dentists tips for taking care of your smile as a new university student. Dr Elizabeth Ahearne from our team offers you some essential advice:

Register With Your Local Dentist

It is so important that you register with your local dentist when you move to university. It certainly won’t be the most exciting thing you do, as you pick fancy dress for endless parties and nights out, meet all different kinds of people from all walks of life, and even go on your very first food shop as an independent adult. However, it is one of the most important things you’ll do, as you’ll be able to book checkups which help prevent nasty toothaches and issues that could cause you disruption and pain you don’t have time for. You’ll also have a local dentist to go to should you sustain a tooth injury at one of the many sports clubs you join, or just tripping up the stairs after a late night of studying.

Maintain Good Daily Oral Hygiene Habits

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Effective Care Of Your Teeth On The Go

Personal dental care away from home

Tooth care at home is easy because you have a dedicated area for your toothbrush and toothpaste and you have an established routine.

But what if you’re on the go a lot? What if you spend most of your time out of the house? Your teeth may require a little extra attention when you don’t have your usual toothbrush and toothpaste to hand.

So how do you keep your smile beautiful wherever you are? Take a look at these handy tips from your Egham dentist to keep your grin gleaming regardless of where you are:

Keep Chewing The Sugar Free Gum

Sugar free chewing gum comes with a multitude of benefits for the mouth. It provides fresh breath short term, with the minty flavour that chewing gum usually comes in. Chewing gum also helps to remove food debris from the teeth, and it stimulates saliva production which helps rinse the teeth and to neutralise the acid levels in the teeth. Saliva also has ‘good’ bacteria that fights ‘nasty’ bacteria so the more of it there is, the more protected the teeth are.

Carry A Mini Tooth Brushing Kit

You can get mini travel toothbrushes, mini toothpastes and floss kits. These can help you give your teeth a quick scrub in a bathroom or even in the car if you need to, should a situation arise where you need to get your teeth properly freshened for a meeting or a date.

At the very least, floss is a great on the go tool because it helps to clean debris from between the teeth which is often what causes bad smells and which may taint an otherwise beautiful smile.

Drink Lots Of Water

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Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

From Crown House Dental In Egham

It is really important to take care of your smile during pregnancy.

This is because pregnancy can cause changes in your hormones that make you more likely to develop dental issues like gum disease, which can then affect the health of your baby.


Your Egham dentist recommends that you make an appointment at the surgery before you get pregnant, so when you are planning on trying. This is so that we can give your teeth a scale and polish, examine all your teeth, gums and soft tissues and perform any X-rays and other diagnostics that would otherwise be avoided during pregnancy. We will also treat any dental issues that are active.

During Pregnancy

When you become pregnant it is important to let your dentist know. You should also let them know which medications and vitamins you are taking because of your pregnancy, and also any medical advice specific to your pregnancy. It is also important to mention any cravings you may be having such as a craving for sour things or other ‘odd’ foods which may compromise your teeth and gums. Your dentist can then create a treatment plan that works for your individual needs during your pregnancy.

It is also very important that you continue to go to your check-ups with your Egham dentist and don’t just skip them because you are pregnant. As an expecting mum, you are more at risk of gum disease which could then cause long term dental damage if it is not treated, and it could even cause issues for your unborn baby.

Your dentist will be able to provide you with plenty of tips to help keep your teeth healthy during pregnancy. For example, we can recommend certain toothpaste brands to use if you have morning sickness, and we can advise on special care to help avoid it causing any long term issues.


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Is Sugar Free Chewing Gum Good For Your Teeth?

Here’s The Lowdown From Crown House Dental in Egham…

With chewing gum, the types with sugar in are undoubtedly bad for your teeth, just like any other high sugar product. Certain brands do have a lot of sugar in them and chewing them could be as bad for you as chewing a sugary sweet, exposing your teeth to harm for long periods of time.

However, types without sugar in are actually proven to be good for your oral health, particularly if they contain a certain type of sweetener. Obviously, nothing can replace a good dental health regime where you brush for two minutes twice a day every day, avoid bad habits like smoking, and visit your Egham dentist regularly. However, sugar free gum can support a good oral health regime and form part of excellent daily dental health care.

A Natural Teeth Cleaning Action

Chewing sugar free gum after a meal helps to remove some of the food debris that has built up on the teeth. The additional production of the saliva helps to rinse the teeth further and it helps neutralise any acid present in the mouth. If the gum is naturally sweet, the sweet flavour will stimulate even more saliva, rinsing away even more debris and further protecting the teeth.

Xylitol Tackles Nasty Bacteria

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Children’s dental service in Egham

Helping Ensure The Happiest, Healthiest Smiles!

Regularly, the newspaper headlines mention child tooth decay and how younger and younger children are needing fillings.

These headlines are scary for all of us, but luckily, there is so much we can do so our own children are not part of this trend.

Your local dentist in Egham wants to help you ensure your children have great oral health with these useful tips:

Bring Your Child To The Dentist Before They Even Have Teeth

You can start wiping your child’s gums with a clean, warm cloth when they are a baby to get them used to you touching their mouth and to help keep the area clean. You can also bring them to the dentist with you to help them get comfortable with the environment. As soon as they have their first tooth, it is time for their very first dental appointment where your Egham dentist will be happy to greet them and give them their very first checkup!

Oral Care At Home Once Your Child Is Teething

Once your baby is teething, you can brush their teeth with an infant-friendly toothbrush. If you want advice on this, please speak to your Egham dentist and hygienist. You will want to minimise the amount of toothpaste being swallowed by your child and at age 2 your child should learn how to spit out toothpaste during brushing. Up to the age of 8 you will supervise your child’s brushing to help them if needed and to ensure they are brushing properly. From the very beginning of teaching them oral care you should try to get them into the morning and evening brushing for two minutes routine so they get used to it as soon as possible.

Helping Your Child Avoid Tooth Decay

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Are Dental Implants The Best Option For Replacing Missing Teeth?

A closer look at modern tooth replacement in Egham.

A lot of patients in Egham come to us for effective, professional solutions to replace their missing teeth. We help lots of people every year to replace their missing teeth with the most appropriate restoration option for them.

At the moment, there are four main options for tooth loss which are, to leave the gap as it is, to replace the gap with dental implants, to place a dental bridge or to have dentures fitted.

The most worrying option from a dentists perspective, is when a patient opts to leave a missing tooth gap empty. This is because it can cause a number of issues. For example, the bone underneath the tooth that has gone is absorbed back into the body which pulls the gums around it down, causing the teeth to look longer. Adjacent teeth can also move and become misaligned.

Aside from the dental aesthetics being an issue for some, it also creates future issues if you do want a dental implant later on. Implants need bone to be placed into and if the bone near the gap has degraded, a bone graft will likely be required.

Other issues that can occur when a missing tooth is left are:

  • The other teeth move and fall into the gap
  • The teeth facing the gap from above or below may sink into the space and your bite may be affected
  • The gap can be prone to infections or soreness
  • The shape of your face, your speech or eating may be affected

In most instances, we would advise patients to consider their options for replacing missing teeth rather than leaving gaps, because it will likely mean less problems in future.

The Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

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What To Do In A Dental Emergency?

Key Advice From Crown House Dental In Egham

No matter how diligent you are at brushing your teeth, how often you go to the dentist or how little sugar you consume, dental emergencies can still happen.

They can happen through oral disease or through injury, and they will usually be very painful, and sometimes even frightening for the person with the issue.

If you are faced with a dental emergency, your Egham dentist is here to help you feel comfortable with what to do in that difficult situation. So here are our guidelines for what to do in a dental emergency:

Is It A Real Emergency?

Organising a general dental appointment can take a few days, or sometimes weeks to get booked in. If there is a dental emergency, you won’t be able to wait for that length of time to be seen by your Egham dentist. However, it isn’t always that clear if you have a real emergency or if it can wait until your next appointment. So how do you tell the difference?

We would recommend always trying to get advice on the situation where possible. During working hours we can advise you on what to do, and help you take further steps to get help, whether that is with us or at another facility. You can also call NHS 111 for further advice if you are unsure on whether or not the problem is an emergency.

Injuries That Are Likely To Be An Emergency

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Keep Your Smile World Cup Ready!

Custom Dental Mouth Guards in Egham.

The World Cup continues to keep even the most unlikely football fan enthusiastic about the beautiful game this year.

Your Egham Dentist is here to help you maintain your beautiful smile so that if the big wins keep coming, you’ll have a healthy and happy smile ready for the victory!

The tournament, along with the exceptional weather we are being treated to this summer, is encouraging many of us to venture outside and take part in sport, whether that is football, tennis, rugby or even something solo like cycling or running. This is a great thing for our oral and dental health, but it does come with its risks.

Dental Injury Through Sport

All sports, but especially contact sports, come with a risk of dental injury. The injuries can range from sharp knocks cracking a tooth, to extensive soft tissue and jaw injuries. These types of injuries can have a long-lasting effect, causing lots of pain and the need for costly, extensive dental treatment long-term, long after the World Cup has finished. Nobody wants their summer selfie to be with an ice pack on their cheek, or tainted by dental pain that could have been avoided with a simple, dental device.

Custom Dental Guards For Effective Tooth And Gum Protection During Sports

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