Tooth Repair - Dental Bridge Case Study

Posted by Crown House Dental on 9th July 2019

This lovely 53 year old lady had a fall in the street and broke one of her front teeth.

She was understandably very upset and when she came to see me was embarrassed to show me what had happened to her teeth.

It didn’t help matters that she had had a bad experience at a dentists as a young child which had left her extremely nervous about visiting a dentist as an adult.

I reassured her that she was in safe hands and I would do all I could to help her firstly get her smile back, and then her confidence in dentistry again.

Unfortunately one of her teeth was so badly broken, there was nothing I could do to save it.

We took the tooth out and provided her with a little denture to fill the gap whilst her gums healed and allow her to see friends and family without covering her hand with her mouth.

emergency tooth repair in egham

Once everything had healed, we were able to make it all look great again.

We replaced the missing tooth with a bridge and improved the appearance of the other front teeth with a combination of crowns and composite bonding.

From the fall to the final fitting of restorations was 4 months (the healing process was he limiting factor, sadly).

The patient was utterly delighted with her new smile and has become one of my most regular attenders as she now has her faith back in dentistry and what she feels is a fantastic smile to go with it.

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