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At Crown House Dental Practice in Egham, Surrey, we can provide a full range of dental treatments for you. From simple restorations to more complex crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth straightening and dental implants. We also offer routine dental hygiene appointments and treatment of gum disease.

Many of the treatments we provide are available under the NHS. More complex and cosmetic treatments will be provided on a private basis.

We will always involve you in the decision making process, giving you all the alternatives and benefits of each type of treatments including a full breakdown of all the costs and the time scales involved for dental treatment.

Check My Teeth

We encourage all our patients to attend regularly for routine care. For most people this will be every six months, for some it may be every three months, particularly if you have some gum problems. Our dental team work together to ensure with regular care you achieve great dental health that you are able to maintain.

Repair & Restore my Teeth in Surrey

Modern advances in dentistry allows us to repair and restore most teeth to great aesthetics and function. This may be using modern filling materials or crowns or inlays. When a tooth is heavily broken down it may also need some reparative work in the form of root canal treatments or endodontics.

Dental Implants, Dentures & Dental Veneers

Most of the time we are able to restore teeth back to their former glory but occasionally, despite our best efforts, teeth may need to be removed. It is good to know, if that is the case, that there are choices when teeth are missing. Dental implants, dentures or dental bridges or dental veneers, our team will discuss all these options with you.

Enhancing your Teeth & Smile in Surrey

If you’re looking for a fantastic teeth whitening treatment, or require teeth aligning or a smile makeover, our expert cosmetic dentists in Egham can help.

Our highly experienced team will discuss the options with you in detail so you can be sure of the desired outcome.

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