Private Dental Fees in Egham

Sometimes you may require a treatment that is not covered by the NHS umbrella, for instance, more cosmetic type treatments, white fillings on posterior teeth or white crowns on posterior teeth. You may want to consider tooth whitening or teeth straightening treatments.

 As an NHS patient you can still choose to have these treatments provided privately or you may opt to have all your treatment provided privately, that is your choice and we can help give you all the information you require to make that choice.

 Please see below for an approximate guide to our private charges. Please remember that private charges are not set and are subject to change depending on the treatment and the tooth.


Treatment Private Dental Fee
Exam Regular Patient £65.00
Exam New Patient £65.00
Emergency Fee £80.00+
X-Ray £12.00 each
Hygiene £66.00
Hygiene and Airflow £145.00
Airflow £89.00
Composite (tooth coloured) Filling - Small From £130.00
Composite (tooth coloured) Filling - Medium From £150.00
Composite (tooth coloured) Filling - Large From £180.00
Extraction From £100.00
Soft tissue extraction From £130.00
Surgical extraction From £300.00
Root Canal Treatment – 1 canal From £400.00
Root Canal Treatment – 2 canals From £450.00
Root Canal Treatment – 3 canals From £550.00
Crown – porcelain bonded non-precious From £550.00
Crown – porcelain bonded precious From £650.00
Crown – porcelain From £650.00
Full Gold Crown From £600.00
Post and core From £80.00
Post – laboratory From £100.00
Veneers From £590.00
Dentures – acrylic each From £750.00
Denture – chrome cobalt each From £990.00
Additions – 1 tooth £100.00
Additions -  2 teeth £130.00
Additions – 3 teeth On request
Wax up On request
Study models £100.00
Mouth Guard Sport £150.00
Night Guard Soft £260.00
Night Guard Hard From 450.00
Teeth Whitening Home From 550.00
Ceramic Crown From £650.00
Ortho Fixed 1 Arch From £2500.00
Ortho Fixed 2 Arch From £3500.00
Ortho Removable 1 Arch From £2500.00
Ortho Removable 2 Arch From £3800.00
Fixed Retainer From £190.00
Removable Retainer From £130.00
Implant From £2700.00


Practice Plan Membership Scheme

Many of our patients appreciate being a regular member of the practice and receiving regular private care.

We have several affordable plans from £9 per month depending on your ongoing treatment requirements.

These allow you regular visits to the dentist and to the dental hygienist to maintain your oral health. Should you require any further treatment you will receive a 10% discount off our private fees.

Please ask for a full breakdown of all Private Fees, this list represents a small sample of our treatments at Crown House Dental Practice in Egham.

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