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If you’re looking for stunning, long lasting and competitively priced dental implants in Egham or Surrey, our modern and friendly clinic can help.

Our Implant Surgeon is Dr Raj Joshi (GDC No. 100233) who has a special interest in this field with over 15 years extensive dentistry experience.

A dental implant is a titanium screw like structure that is placed below your gum and allowed to become part of your bone. This process is also known as osseo-integration. Once the titanium implant has integrated into your bone, after usually three months, this structure is then used to support a crown or used to support a bridge along with another implant.

Not everyone or every situation is suitable for a dental implant but Dr Joshi will assess you, your bone level and your overall dental health to see if you are able to have this treatment.

If you have missing teeth or wish to find out more about dental implants please call the practice on 01784 432641 to arrange a consultation.

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