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Our team work together to care for you from handling your query to providing the solution. We recognise that most patients are nervous about their care, about the costs and about the choices. We will work with you to ensure your journey with us is relaxed, comfortable and knowledgeable so you will be delighted with your dental health and your treatment choices.

Would you like to fully understand your choices and the costs involved?

  • Like us, you are also committed to improving your oral health.
  • You will appreciate the time we take to inform you of your choices.
  • You will enjoy the friendly team approach to help you feel relaxed.
  • You want to be cared for in a clean, safe environment that is up to date with current legislation.
  • You want to be cared for by a team who are continuing to learn and can deliver day to day care as well as more complex cosmetic dentistry.

Do you want to be included in decisions about your dental care?

  • We will always include you in the decision making process when it comes to your dental care.
  • We appreciate that you have trusted us to help you.
  • We will share our knowledge and experience in order to meet your expectations.
  • As a team we share the same vision and values.
  • We value your feedback to always improve our customer service
  • Overall you would like to feel valued as an individual, not just another customer.

Crown House Dental Practice

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