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If you’re looking for stunning, affordable and long lasting teeth whitening in Egham from a highly experienced dentist, our friendly and modern clinic can help.

Our teeth whitening team is led by practice owner and principal dentist Dr Ahmed Sami (GDC Reg. No. 71511) who has over 24 years extensive dentistry experience.

We use one of the very best teeth whitening treatments available called Polanight. Polarnight is a safe, reliable and highly effective tooth whitening method that uses Carbamide Peroxide to whiten teeth.

At an initial assessment appointment we will identify the severity of the discolouration and the reason for it. We will also carry out a general dental check to make sure you have no outstanding dental treatment requirements. We then take impressions of your teeth to construct tooth whitening trays.

Our dentists or hygienists will demonstrate how to apply the whitening gel and leave you with your home care instructions. Most of our patients use the system overnight whilst they are sleeping but if you prefer the trays can be placed during the day for a few hours a day.

This simple but effective treatment can really brighten up your smile and is often used in conjunction with other treatments such as the adult cosmetic orthodontics and before preparation of dental veneers.

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