15th April 2020
Cfast Teeth Straightening

Many people are opting for braces to straighten their teeth. Many people do it for aesthetic reasons but it can also help make looking after your teeth and gums a lot easier especially if teeth are crowded or crocked. Cfast focuses on the front teeth which makes the treatment time a lot quicker than conventional […]

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20th February 2020
Oral Cancer Advice

  Oral Cancer, what is it and how can you identify it early? Dentist play a big role in detecting oral cancers and informing patients of the risks as oral cancer has a survival rate of 90% when detected early. It is important to be aware of the symptoms and causes of mouth cancer as […]

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12th February 2020
What is Gum Disease?

What is gum disease? When visiting the dentist for your routine dental examination the dentist will check your gum health along with the overall health of your mouth. This is to make sure you have no signs of gum disease. The first stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. Plaque around the gum line can […]

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21st November 2019
Tooth Whitening at Crown House

We have seen more and more of our patients inquiring about tooth whitening as everyone seems to want that bright white smile. Tooth whitening methods can date back to 4000 years ago when ancient Egyptians made a whitening paste using pumice stone and wine vinegar. Having white teeth was a mark of beauty and wealth. […]

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20th August 2019
Trainee Dental Nursing at Crown House

As some people may have seen I have recently joined back at the practice as a Trainee Dental Nurse. I was previously a member of reception where I learnt a lot about dentistry in general. I felt like it was time to get a qualification in something I was interested in and because I had […]

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9th July 2019
Tooth Repair - Dental Bridge Case Study

This lovely 53 year old lady had a fall in the street and broke one of her front teeth. She was understandably very upset and when she came to see me was embarrassed to show me what had happened to her teeth. It didn’t help matters that she had had a bad experience at a […]

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3rd April 2019
A Day in the Life of a Crown House Dentist

For many of you, your only experience of us will be your six monthly check-ups, so you only see us in action for 40 mins a year! What do we do for the rest of our time though?  There’s no such a thing as a ‘normal’ or average day, as each appointment is different and […]

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29th March 2019
Is Your Child One of the Many Who Didn’t See a Dentist Last Year?

According to data analysed by NHS Digital, nearly 60% of children aged one to four did not visit a dentist during last year.   This figure is for the children aged five to nine years old 32.7% and 27.6% of  ten to fourteen years old. Overall 41.4% of children under 17 did not see an […]

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10th January 2019
Participating In Dry January?

Your Smile Could Benefit Too! New Year's resolutions are excellent goals to have to start your year off with positive change. For some people cutting out meat, sugar or bread for the month is a really difficult thing to do and therefore a wonderful goal. For some people, exercising every day for a whole month […]

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27th December 2018
New Year Smile Resolution Ideas

From Crown House Dental in Egham Your oral health is an important part of your overall wellness and the start of a New Year is a really great opportunity to improve your oral health, maybe as part of an overall health kick. Of course, everybody has their own personal goals and ambitions and you have […]

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