Cfast Teeth Straightening

Posted by Crown House Dental on 15th April 2020

Many people are opting for braces to straighten their teeth. Many people do it for aesthetic reasons but it can also help make looking after your teeth and gums a lot easier especially if teeth are crowded or crocked. Cfast focuses on the front teeth which makes the treatment time a lot quicker than conventional orthodontics meaning that most patients have completed treatment in 6 months.

Our practice offers both fixed braces and clear aligners that help to align the teeth into the perfect arch. If choosing the fixed option Cfast have made them so they are barely noticeable as we fit clear brackets onto the teeth and use a tooth coloured wire. It’s a personal preference as to which one you choose, each are a little different in terms of how often you visit the dental practice during treatment.

The dentist would be able to go through the pros and cons of both to see which one best suits you. Once you have your braces removed and you are happy with your smile you will be given a retainer which you will wear at night to keep your teeth aligned. Some people also choose to have a fixed retainer fitted which sits at the back of your teeth to keep them from moving.

If this is something you are interested in please book an appointment with any one of our dentists for a consultation by calling 01784 432 641.

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