Trainee Dental Nursing at Crown House

Posted by Crown House Dental on 20th August 2019

As some people may have seen I have recently joined back at the practice as a Trainee Dental Nurse. I was previously a member of reception where I learnt a lot about dentistry in general. I felt like it was time to get a qualification in something I was interested in and because I had already learnt a lot it helped me out with getting started on nursing.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to nursing. One of the mains roles is being there for the dentist and assisting in whatever task the dentist may need help with. This means you need to know equipment and materials very well as well as the treatment itself. Learning what equipment needed to be set up for each treatment was one the tasks I found hardest to remember when I started.

We also have some days that are very busy or days where unplanned treatments need to be carried out, so you must make sure there is enough equipment available for your next patients. This means we must be efficient in time keeping ensuring the diary is running as smoothly as possible.

It is also a nurse’s job to make sure everything is decontaminated so we know it is safe to use with our patients this requires you to know the step by step procedure to ensure nothing is cross contaminated. Your role also requires you to complete paperwork, maintain stock of your room and be able to give oral health advice.

I have really been enjoying dental nursing instead of reception I much prefer being active throughout the day and it is lovely to see people who are happy with the work the dentist has carried out. Its nice to see someone who was really nervous or scared about coming to the dentist leave really reassured or confident in coming back again. I’m really interested in watching extractions which is probably the last thing most people would like to watch. For the dental nurse there’s not as much for us to do in extractions its mainly dentist based whereas treatments like crown preparation and fillings require a lot more work from us. Its interesting to see the tooth once removed as you can see the decay or any infection that was previously making the tooth uncomfortable for someone.

It will take me a couple of years to complete my course and this will take a lot of studying like with any course along with a written exam and a practical. All I must do is pass now and then I will be a fully qualified dental nurse.

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