New Year Smile Resolution Ideas

Posted by Crown House Dental on 27th December 2018

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Your oral health is an important part of your overall wellness and the start of a New Year is a really great opportunity to improve your oral health, maybe as part of an overall health kick.

Of course, everybody has their own personal goals and ambitions and you have to decide which options are the best for you and your future.

However, your Egham dentist would like to encourage you to include at least one oral health New Year's resolution. After all, your teeth help you to talk, eat and express yourself, and they support the structure of your face, keeping you looking young. Your smile is really important!

Bad oral health can also have a detrimental effect on your overall health. For example, gum disease is thought to contribute to your risk of heart disease as well as other adverse health conditions.

To contribute towards a happy and healthy 2019, please take a look at our 2019 New Year's smile resolution ideas:

Protect Your Smile

One major New Year resolution is to start a new hobby, such as a sport. This is great for your overall health, but it can put your teeth and gums at risk, especially if it is a contact sport like rugby. Your Egham dentist offers custom gum shields to ensure your teeth and gums are protected from injury as much as possible, during sports that put them at risk.

Eat Your 5 A Day (Or More)

Fruit and vegetables are a major part of oral health because they boost your immune system. Your immune system helps to protect you from oral health issues like gum disease which can go on to cause further issues elsewhere. Gum disease is known to contribute to your risk of all kinds of health conditions, including heart disease.

A lack of fruit and vegetables can also contribute to your risk of oral cancer. So eating your 5 a day or more is a really great resolution all round.

Improve Your Oral Health Regime

Your oral health regime is so important to help deal with the daily plaque that builds up on your teeth from the food and drink you consume. Brushing and flossing correctly is so important, and if you aren't using the right brush or toothpaste, or brushing as you should be, you are at risk of gum disease, decay and staining. Consider booking in with our hygienist for help in assessing your current oral health regime and for advice and tips on how to improve it. A great scale and polish could be what you need to feel ready to improve your oral health regime and protect your teeth long term.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for you, but you know that. The way it affects your body is well publicised and we support any patient looking to quit. Your oral health also suffers because of smoking; in quite a lot of ways. It puts you more at risk of oral cancers, tooth decay and gum disease, and it makes your teeth stained, and your breath smell. Did you know that you have a 50% risk of dying from smoking? You really should consider smoking for your oral health and overall health, it will literally gift you with more years to live. Please take a look at the NHS Smokefree website for more information on quitting smoking.

Cut Down On Alcohol

Alcohol in excess can be just as bad for your teeth as smoking in the most extreme cases. Even drinking in moderation can be damaging if you regularly consume high acid, high sugar drinks. Cutting down on alcohol overall, rather than quitting for one month then continuing to over-indulge, is the best approach to better health. You can find out more information about alcohol consumption and cutting down on the NHS website.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Dental appointments are there to check your oral health is as it should be. We check for signs or oral cancer, for any signs of bruxism, decay, gum disease and more. The earlier an issue is identified, the easier it is to correct, ensuring you can avoid future pain, more invasive treatment, and more expensive treatment. Book your 2019 checkup now to achieve that first healthy resolution quickly and easily.

Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can occur because of dental injury and disease, and these things happen. If you have gum disease causing tooth loss, the first thing you should do is allow us to help you treat the disease and prevent any further tooth loss occurring. We are here to help, not to judge and we have a lot of experience in successfully treating gum disease. If you have missing teeth but no other present oral health issues, then we can help to restore your smile. Leaving missing teeth as they are is not recommended as the surrounding teeth will move because the support of that tooth is missing. You may also struggle with speech or eating as you did, and you may find dental decay occurs because the rest of your teeth have become crooked and overlap. You may also find the shape of your face changes because of the change in the underlying structures of your jaw, gums and teeth.

Fortunately we have a range of treatment including dentures, bridges and dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants in particular are a fantastic option as they replace the entire tooth root, and we then attach a crown at the top to complete the process. They are the closest thing to natural teeth and we are proud to offer the treatment at your local Egham dentist.

Please Get In Touch With Crown House Dental To Make An Appointment

If you would like help achieving any of your oral health resolutions, please get in touch. We can help with smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry, teeth straightening, checkups and more. The first step is registering with us if you are not yet a patient. You can reach our friendly reception team on 01784 432641 for more information or to book an appointment. We are here to provide you with all the dental support you need to keep you smiling through 2019 and beyond!

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