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For many of you, your only experience of us will be your six monthly check-ups, so you only see us in action for 40 mins a year! What do we do for the rest of our time though?  There’s no

Is Your Child One of the Many Who Didn’t See a Dentist Last Year?

According to data analysed by NHS Digital, nearly 60% of children aged one to four did not visit a dentist during last year. This figure is for the children aged five to nine years old 32.7% and 27.6% of  ten

Participating In Dry January?

Your Smile Could Benefit Too! New Year’s resolutions are excellent goals to have to start your year off with positive change. For some people cutting out meat, sugar or bread for the month is a really difficult thing to do

New Year Smile Resolution Ideas

From Crown House Dental in Egham Your oral health is an important part of your overall wellness and the start of a New Year is a really great opportunity to improve your oral health, maybe as part of an overall

Your Christmas Oral Health

Festive Tips From Crown House Dental In Egham Christmas comes around so quickly doesn’t it? Summer ends and before you know it, you’re writing Christmas gift lists, accepting invitations to events and pondering your Christmas decoration arrangement this year. Between

Inner Confidence And Dental Health

How Does Your Smile Make You Feel? Exactly how do you feel about your smile? Sure, it feels great to chew confidently without worrying about teeth shifting or moving and it feels wonderful to have the firm, facial structures your

Sleep Disorders And Your Dental Health

Making The Connection Snoring can be so very irritating and sometimes downright rage-inducing, particularly if you’re the one sleeping next to the person doing it! Snoring can lead to sleep deprivation in both the person who is snoring and their

Securing loose, uncomfortable dentures

Your Egham dentist wants you to know about the latest in denture innovation! Standard dentures are much better than ever, but they only go so far into ensuring your smile is as secure and natural as it can be. With

The First Step Towards A Treatment Plan Right For You

Your consultation at Crown House Dental Here at your Egham dentist we ask that we see you for a consultation before specific types of treatments can go ahead. We offer all kinds of professional cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry and

Thinking About Quitting Smoking?

Dentist Dr Ahmad Sami

Now’s A Good Time For You To Start With Help From Crown House Dental! According to NHS Smokefree one out of two smokers will die from their habit. Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of death in the UK and

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