Keep Smiling This Summer With These Simple Tips!

Keep Smiling This Summer With These Simple Tips!

Your local Egham dentist discusses how to keep your smile in tip-top shape.

Summer is finally here! Sure, it might not be 30 degrees outside, and the sun might only be glimpsing every now and then through the clouds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t smile right?

Being British, we will smile on even the wettest summer day, and get our barbeques out at the first sign of a vaguely warm day. We also celebrate our humble summers with a lot of delicious treats. Pimms and lemonade, ice cream, iced drinks, frappuccinos – the list is endless! The problem with these yummy things, is that they might make us smile in the short term, but in the long term, they have the ability to stop us wanting to smile altogether, because they can be very damaging to oral health.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, there’s every reason to enjoy summer fully without making any sacrifices, here’s how:

Don’t Use Your Teeth As Tools

Your teeth are part of the digestive process. You use them to grind and break down food so you can swallow it. Unfortunately, teeth often get used for more than they should, and become substitutes for tools. You might bite ice lollies with them, rip open wrappers or even open beer bottles with them (opening beer bottles with your teeth is extremely dangerous and should not be done at any time). These habits can be really bad for your teeth and wear them down, or potentially break them or crack them. Be patient with your ice lollies, your teeth need you to be!

Protect Your Teeth During Sports

When you play sports in summer, it is really important to protect your mouth. On a warm day it can be extremely inviting to pick up a ball and go the park for a friendly game of football. However, sports like football or tennis, and especially contact sports like rugby, can all present potential hazards for your mouth. At your local Egham dentist, we see many sports injuries including damaged teeth, or teeth that have been knocked out altogether. This can be a disastrous medical and cosmetic injury. To avoid this happening, consider using a mouthguard to protect your teeth during summer sports.

Nosh On Things Nice For Your Teeth

In summer we like to swim, play sports, have picnics, have barbeques and consume a lot of lovely food and drink. The problem is, a lot of the food and drink can be harmful to your teeth, especially long term. Slush puppies, ice cream, frozen fruit desserts, ice lollies, pop and fruit juices can all be very bad for your teeth because they are high acid and high sugar. This leaves you at risk of tooth decay long term. To enjoy these summary treats whilst protecting your teeth at the same time, consider opting for sugar free options, eating them occasionally as a treat (not every day), chewing sugar free chewing gum after meals, drinking water after meals and opting for healthier alternatives altogether like cold water instead of pop, or a frozen banana instead of an artificial additives laden ice lolly.

Protect Your Lips

Your lips are the frame for your smile, so it’s good to protect them as well. You should always wear sunscreen even when it is cloudy, and that includes your lips. Use a lip balm with good SPF to keep your lips moisturised and protected.

Need Extra Help With Your Smile? Please Visit Our Friendly TW20 Clinic

Perhaps you already take care of your smile, but you want it to be even more perfect? Or maybe you’re unhappy with your smile, so you’re more likely to frown this summer? Whatever your reasons for needing additional help with the look of your smile, your local Egham dentist can help. At our TW20 clinic we provide a wide range of general dental services, and modern cosmetic dentistry too. So if you want a little extra help with your summer smile, please call us on 01784432641 and we will be pleased to provide you with further information.

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