3 Key Summer Beauty Tips That Don’t Revolve Around A Bikini Diet

3 Key Summer Beauty Tips That Don’t Revolve Around A Bikini Diet

Stay in shape this summer with simple tips from Crown House Dental, Egham.

Summer is officially here, and we appear to have had at least one day of sunshine with more on the way!

So, now we can properly get the flip flops out, dust off the barbecue and look forward to all the food, socialising and relaxation that comes with the summer months.

Of course, summer comes with a lot more photo opportunities, which can be a bit of pressure when you have spent all of winter and a lot of spring wrapped up in coats, and scarves. No matter how beautiful you are, you likely feel the pressure of looking your best now much more of you is on show. But we’re not here to bore you with bikini tips and bikini diet advice, after all, you will probably only spend two weeks of your summer at most on holiday; but what about the rest of summer?

Instead, we are going to give you some simple and easy summer beauty tips that will keep you looking fresh in the warm weather, so you can enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge that most photos you are tagged won’t need to be swiftly sent off into the dark universe to be forgotten about forever!

Use Sun Cream

There is nothing glamorous about sunburn, and especially not about placing your body in danger. If you want to avoid looking old before your time, and getting skin cancer, then you need to commit to using SPF sum cream; particularly on hot, bright days in summer. You can find out more about sun care on the NHS Live Well Website.


Your body is made up of around 60% water, so it makes sense that you need to drink water to keep it working well. Water is also important when it comes to your looks. Dry skin is flaky and lacklustre, whereas well hydrated skin glows, is plump and smooth. Drink six to eight glasses of water a day as a minimum, but aim for more when the weather is hot.

Protect Your Summer Smile

Your teeth come under extra attacks in summer. If you play sports they are at risk of a contact injury. At barbecues you likely eat a lot of starchy, sugary foods which is not good for the teeth. You might also drink a lot more cold sugary drinks, or suck on sugary lollies and ice creams. In order to protect your teeth, try to limit the amount of sugar and starches you do consume, and if you are drinking sugary or acidic drinks, try and use a straw to limit contact with teeth. If you play contact sports, or any sports with a ball or where your teeth and gums could be in danger, visit us at your Egham dentist so we can advise you on adequate teeth and gum protection like a custom mouth-guard.

Book An Appointment At Crown House Dental In Egham

If you want to speak to your Egham dentist about a custom mouth-guard, or perhaps you are interested in treating yourself to some cosmetic dentistry this summer to perfect your summer smile, call 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to give you more information, or book you an appointment.

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