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General Dentistry

As you would expect we carry out a full range of dental treatments to look after all our patients at the Crown House Dental Practice in Egham, Surrey.


We provide simple restorations or fillings in both amalgam (silver coloured) and composite (tooth coloured). Some are available as NHS treatments and others may need to be provided privately. For instance, only amalgam restorations can be placed in the posterior teeth under NHS regulations. In many cases composite can be placed instead and we can provide you with a quote to have these treatments carried out privately. You can still be an NHS patients if you choose some separate private treatments.


Root canal treatment

The same can be said of crowns or caps. When a tooth is badly damaged or broken down it may not be appropriate to restore with a simple filling. A crown may be a better solution. We prepare your tooth and take impressions or moulds of your teeth that are then used by our dental technicians. The technician will construct the crown in the dental laboratory and we then cement it in place 1 -2 weeks later.

There are lots of types of crowns from gold to porcelain bonded to gold, to complete porcelain. Some are available as NHS treatments and some privately.

We will always offer you choices and help give you all the information regarding the different types of crowns that are suitable for you.


A bridge is a fixed dental restoration that is used to fill the gap that a missing tooth has left behind. This is done by joining an artificial tooth permanently to the teeth on either side of the gap. Types of bridges vary so your dentist will go through the different options with you if a bridge is needed.


Dentures are a way to replace missing teeth without any permanent fixation. Usually made out of acrylic or a combination of acrylic and cobalt chromium, they are made to either replace anything from a single tooth to a full complement.

Many people cope very well with dentures and the lack of support from other teeth may limit their choices to dentures.

If you struggle with a denture that moves during function, sometimes metal clasps or clips can be added to aid retention. If you have a full denture, especially a lower denture, that is really bothersome and will not stay in place, it may be prudent to consider implant retained location clips. This is a more complex treatment whereby two dental implants are placed in the lower jaw and then attachments in the denture clip into these implants.

Root Canal Treatments

When a tooth has abscessed or broken it will be apparent that the inside of the tooth or the dental pulp needs to be removed. This treatment is called root canal therapy or endodontic therapy.

Under a local anaesthetic the pulp of the tooth is removed and the interior is cleansed and disinfected to prevent any bacterial ingress. Once the pulp chamber is cleaned the tooth can be sealed with a root canal filling and then the tooth restored for function.

It is usual to crown a tooth that has been root treated as they can become weaker and brittle after this treatment.

Root canal treatments can take quite a time so do be prepared for a longer appointment. It is not always possible to root treat every tooth and an Xray will be taken prior to deciding on this type of treatment to check if the tooth is suitable.

Root canal treatment

a. Infected tooth with abscess in the root.
b. Files used to clean out the infection.
c. Canals are washed and dried.
d. Canals are filled with gutta percha
e. Opening is sealed with a filling, in some cases a post is inserted to support a crown
f. Crown cemented onto rebuilt tooth.


Occasionally there is no alternative but to remove a tooth. Sometimes it may actually be your preference to root canal treatment.

Extractions can be carried out at The Crown House Dental Practice in Egham with a local anaesthetic, just “numbing” that part of the mouth. Alternatively we can arrange for you to have the treatment under sedation or general anaesthetic should you be quite anxious about this treatment.

We always discuss your treatments and offer you choices where possible. We will listen to your concerns and help inform you with alternatives.

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