Could Your Child Be Heading For A Tooth Extraction?

Could Your Child Be Heading For A Tooth Extraction?

Minimise the risk!

Shocking newspaper statistics at the beginning of 2018 let us know that a perplexing 170 children a day had teeth extracted in 2017.

That was quite the health headline to begin the year with, and it has certainly stuck with us here at your Egham dentist.

We are sad to know that so many child tooth extractions occurred last year because we know that the majority of them are preventable. Most tooth extractions in children are a last resort, and this is a passionate subject for dentists because dentists are passionate about prevention! We do our job to help keep teeth healthy, and to help our patients avoid dental issues, particularly issues that lead to extraction.

It is incredibly concerning for dentists and parents across the country that children are having so many teeth extractions.

Why Are So Many Extractions Happening?

The studies and reports seem to suggest that the majority of extractions are caused by an ‘addiction’ to sugar. The sugar tax has come in because obesity is such a big problem here in the UK and there is no doubt that sugar is an issue for oral health as well. No matter how amazing a dental routine is, high sugar consumption will result in damage eventually. Although there are some extractions that won’t be because of a poor diet, it does seem that unhealthy diets could be a real problem for the oral health of children.

How Does Sugar Affect The Teeth?

Sugar is very bad for the teeth. When you consume sugar it feeds bacteria which sticks to the teeth and then let out acid which damages the enamel layer. Products like sugary drinks literally bathe the teeth in sugar for as long as the drink is being consumed. If a child drinks sugary drinks throughout the day, their teeth are being exposed to sugar between their morning and evening brush, every single day.

Doesn’t Brushing Help?

A good oral health regime is so important for keeping teeth healthy, brushing away the plaque and debris that causes damage. However if a large amount of sugar is consumed regularly, a good oral health regime will not prevent damage.

Do Tooth Extractions In Children Cause Health Problems?

Tooth extractions in children can cause health problems. They may cause the gap the baby tooth ‘saves’ for the adult tooth to close over, causing issues when the adult tooth tries to push through. There may be developmental issues with speech, face shape and talking. There are lots of things dentists can do to make sure an extraction is as minimally damaging as possible, but ideally we will always work towards preventing that extraction from needing to happen.

How To Prevent Tooth Extractions In Children

Here at your Egham dentist we want to encourage patients to seek support via our services. When you and your children come in for checkups, or for additional appointments we check the teeth for signs of early decay. We will also offer advice on brushing and diet to try and prevent any decay from occurring. It is also a good idea to reference NHS health resources online to prepare balanced diets for the whole family to strive for optimum vitality and health long-term – and minimal tooth decay too!

If you would like more information about this or any other dental related questions you may have, please call our team in Egham on 01784 432 641.

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