Stop Your Smile Looking Scary This Halloween!

Stop Your Smile Looking Scary This Halloween!

Don’t let the seasonal festivities compromise oral health.

Halloween is coming up which is exciting because it means there are plenty of terrifying events and petrifying parties to attend. There’s also the all important fancy dress choice to think about: Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Day Of The Dead – there’s endless inspiration around.

Here at your local Egham dentist we’re all for celebrating Halloween, but we want to help you get through this amazing time of the year without your smile getting ghoulish in the meantime. With all the sugary drinks and treats around at Halloween it can be easy to get stuck in and forget about your oral health, but your smile matters and it just isn’t worth going into the rest of the party season with dental health issues that could easily be avoided with these simple tips:

Maintain Your Oral Health Routine No Matter What

If you’re going out to parties until the early hours and getting up later, possibly attending different events on different days, or caring for excitable children who have a busy schedule of events, it is possible your oral health regime could fall by the wayside. This means the bacteria and food debris built up during the day or night won’t get brushed away, which in turn leads to a plaque build up and all manner of problems. Put post it notes out, or set reminders on your phone to force yourself to commit to those two, 2 minute tooth brushing sessions a day.

Keep Sweets Down To Set Times

Although it would be great if everyone could get through Halloween without eating any sweets, realistically, most people will have at least a few over Halloween weekend. To help avoid constantly exposing your teeth to sugar and acid from sweets, try and consume them in one set time period or even for dessert after a meal.

Stick To Smile-friendly Alcoholic Drinks

Drinks like apple cider, fruity cocktails and whisky and coke are all bad for your teeth because they are either high sugar, high acid or both. Some can also stain your teeth. With that in mind, try and stick to drinks like light beer and gin and tonic at Halloween parties so you your teeth aren’t under attack whilst you make merry.

Avoid The Treats Worst For Your Teeth

During Halloween there are certain treats that you will see a lot of including things like toffee apples and chewy toffees. These types of sweets are very bad for the teeth. Toffee apples with a hard surface pose a tooth cracking risk, and chewy sweets actually get stuck between the teeth and attack them with sugar for hours. Very chewy sticky treats can also pose a risk to fillings and are most definitely bad for braces. If you are going to consume treats then aim for things like chocolate without caramel or toffee, or naturally flavoured popcorn.

Have A Happy Halloween Without Being Sinister To Your Smile

Halloween is a fun time, but it can be so bad for the teeth. Follow our tips above and you’re bound to have the best time, all whilst keeping your smile looking beautiful. Here at your Egham dentist we try to ensure you can keep smiling all year round without any dental issues. Keep up to date with your checkups by calling 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to get you booked in!

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