Tooth Whitening
Tooth Whitening

Affordable whiter teeth at your local Egham dentist

Tooth whitening

Tooth Whitening is an effective way of lightening the colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth’s surface.

There are many reasons why teeth may be discoloured or darkened.

  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Smoking
  • Age – teeth tend to darken with age
  • Use of antibiotics when a child
  • Malformations in the calcification of teeth
  • Damage to teeth in the past that cause darkness.

There are two methods to whiten teeth

  • In surgery technique
  • At home technique

At Crown House Dental In Egham we use the second technique, the “At Home” whitening. We have found this technique to be

  • As effective as the “In House” technique
  • More cost effective for you as there is less surgery time
  • Easier for our patients to have repeat treatments as we supply you with  your own trays to continue whitening.

We use Polanight, a safe, reliable tooth whitening method that uses Carbamide Peroxide to whiten teeth.

At an initial assessment appointment we will identify the severity of the discolouration of your teeth and the reason for it. We will also carry out a general dental check to make sure you have no outstanding dental treatment requirements. We then take impressions of your teeth to construct tooth whitening trays.

Our dentists or hygienists will demonstrate how to apply the whitening gel and leave you with your home care instructions. Most of our patients use the system overnight whilst they are sleeping but if you prefer the trays can be placed during the day for a few hours a day. An initial treatment will take between five and ten days and we will then reassess you.

I have heard that tooth whitening can make my teeth quite sensitive?

Some people do find that their teeth become quite sensitive after tooth whitening treatments. If this is you, we recommend alternating the teeth you treat, maybe the uppers one day and then the lowers the following. Also when the trays are removed if the teeth are very sensitive we advise you place some desensitising toothpaste in the tray and replace immediately for a short period of time. With these two techniques we usually find most patients achieve the shade improvement they are looking for.

This simple but effective treatment can really brighten up your smile and is often used in conjunction with other treatments such as the Adult Cosmetic Orthodontics and before preparation of Veneers.

Your tooth colour will fade with time and we recommend regular top ups to keep teeth bright. With this system this is possible whenever you feel the need.

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