Ask Yourself These Questions….

Ask Yourself These Questions….

…When You Look To Register With A New Dentist In Egham.

When you move to a new area, you have to settle in, and part of that process involves getting yourself signed up to all the different places you will need to use; the bank, the doctors and of course the dentist.

The dentist you choose is so important because they will be responsible for the dental care for you and your entire family. In terms of oral health, it is so important the dentist is right. If you have cosmetic dentistry needs and need to have veneers maintained for example, or like to have teeth-whitening top ups, then the dentist needs to offer even more services. Perhaps you’re planning to have a family, or you care for an elderly relative, in which case the dentist needs to be suitable for patients of all ages.

Your dentist really does need to be right for you, for your health, smile aesthetics and convenience. If you have moved recently and need an Egham based dentist, this list of questions to ask yourself will hopefully help you choose the right dental surgery for your family:

Are They In The Right Location?

They might be within half an hour of your home, but when do you visit the dentist? If you go in your lunch break from work, then ideally the dentist will be close to your work rather than your home. Perhaps you can only take the children to their appointments from school before returning them, so ideally the surgery will be near their school. Think about the location and if it is convenient for the times you will likely visit the dentist.

Do They Offer The Treatments I Need Or Want?

Most surgeries offer all types of general dentistry treatments, but not all offer certain types of restorative or cosmetic dentistry. If the main reason you use the dentist is for cosmetic dentistry, then you will want to check your new surgery understands the type of treatment you need. Perhaps you have dental implants, in which case having a surgery with an extensive understanding of dental implants, is essential.

Are They Family-Friendly?

Although most dental surgeries are family friendly, some make more effort than others to provide a family-friendly environment for children. Here at your local Egham dentist we want to welcome all members of your family into the surgery, so we have taken special care to create a waiting room and reception that is clean, professional and also welcoming. All staff make special effort to put younger visitors at ease so that they leave feeling positive about their dental health. We really try to go the extra mile to make sure your entire family feels happy when visiting us.

Are They Reputable?

Look for a dental surgery that has positive reviews and ratings. Real people giving a positive view on the dental surgery you are interested in is a really great sign. Crown House Dental Practice in Egham makes an effort to upload recent testimonials regularly to ensure potential patients get an honest insight into our services.

Please Call Crown House Dental In Egham To Register As A New Patient

Here at your local dentist in Egham we are excited to welcome you into our surgery, where you and your entire family can expect to receive the most modern, professional and accessible dental care in both general and cosmetic dentistry. To register or find out more information, please call 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help you.

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