Great New Year’s Resolutions For Healthier Teeth

Great New Year’s Resolutions For Healthier Teeth

Kick off 2016 in style with a beautiful smile!

It is nearly halfway through the first month of the year and many of us are still just about coming around to the fact Christmas is over, with New Year’s resolutions being a huge talking point in many conversations at the moment.

Here at your local Egham dentist we are very excited about 2016 and all the new opportunities to provide exceptional dental services to our valued customers. We thought it would be really useful to give you some great ideas for New Year’s resolutions relating to your oral health. Many people never think of oral health being any subject for change, but there are many reasons it is actually a really important subject to include in your resolutions. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started:

Smile More

This is the most basic resolution around, but it really will count! Did you know:

●     Frowning takes over 40 muscles, but smiling takes just 17

●     When we are out, we are 80% more likely to talk to someone we don’t know if they smile at us

●     A smile is the thing we notice the most when we first meet someone

●     When we are trying to find a new partner a nice smile is the physical attribute we look for the most, above body shape and nice eyes

So before you do anything else, try to smile more, it has so many benefits and it’s so easy to do!

Eat Nutritious Food

Poor nutrition is an issue for your entire body, but particularly your mouth as it can make you more susceptible to gum disease and possibly more surprisingly, oral cancer. Eat a well balanced diet including plenty of fruit, vegetables, nuts and beans to give your mouth and entire body the nutrients it needs.

Quit Smoking

When you use tobacco your mouth is affected in many different ways. Your teeth may become stained, you are at a higher risk of gum disease, oral cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer and tooth loss. This is all without considering the negative effects on the rest of your body. Why not do something incredible for your oral health and overall health by quitting smoking? It will be difficult but there is a lot of support out there, we know you can do it! Visit ‘Smoke Free’ for information on what to do next.

Drink Less

Dry January is good for your health all round, but will benefit your oral health by reducing your risk of gum disease. Alcoholic drinks can also be very high in sugar and high in acid so increase your risk of tooth decay if consumed regularly; so drinking less all year is a really good idea.

Visit Crown House Dental, you local dentist in Egham!

Regular checkups with your dentist are important, enabling you to maintain healthy teeth and have any oral health issues diagnosed and treated quickly and effectively. If you need to book a checkup, are interested in some cosmetic dentistry, need advice on any oral health issues, or simply want to register with us, please call 01784432641 and one of our friendly reception staff will be more than happy to help you.

Remember, healthy habits can be very difficult to form, but when they do become a habit, they are with you for life, which is a great thing so stick at it! Good Luck!

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