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Starting the New Year Off Right!

Visit Your Crown House Dental Hygienist In Egham The New Year doesn’t have to bring dramatic transformations. You might already have plenty about your life that you love and are content with. There is, however, always room for better health

Hygienist Services At Crown House Dental in Egham

Great dental hygiene for healthier teeth and gums. Many people don’t realise that hygienists have their own set of skills and training and are able to operate independently to a dentist. However, they work in a practice alongside dentists and

Maintaining Dental Hygiene At Crown House, Egham

Regular check-ups and prevention of gum disease. At our Egham dental clinic we are passionate about preventing dental disease. Gum disease remains the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK, so there’s still a lot of work to do

Why Your Dental Hygienist Appointments Matter

Avoiding gum disease and decay. When you come to visit our Egham dental practice, you might well be coming in for one of our most common dental appointments – a hygienist checkup. At Crown House Dental, most of our clinical

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