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Children’s dental service in Egham

Helping Ensure The Happiest, Healthiest Smiles! Regularly, the newspaper headlines mention child tooth decay and how younger and younger children are needing fillings. These headlines are scary for all of us, but luckily, there is so much we can do

Using The Tooth Fairy Character To Your Advantage

Get your children on board with oral health care! For children, the loss of their first tooth is huge news. It is a really big deal and the same goes for each tooth afterwards, until all the baby teeth are

Could Your Child Be Heading For A Tooth Extraction?

Minimise the risk! Shocking newspaper statistics at the beginning of 2018 let us know that a perplexing 170 children a day had teeth extracted in 2017. That was quite the health headline to begin the year with, and it has

Children’s Dentistry At Crown House Dental In Egham

Looking after children’s teeth and gums at your local dentist. Here at your local Egham dentist in Surrey, we offer the latest and some of the most advanced dental technology to our patients. From general dentistry offering vital services like

Getting Your Child ‘Smile Ready’ For School

Oral health tips in readiness for the new school year. As the six weeks holidays draw to a close, it’s time for the little ones to get ready to start or return to education. They’re probably smiling with excitement at

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