Month: August 2018

Planning an exotic trip overseas?

Dr Hana Khan - Crown House Dental

Preparing for oral health care with your Egham dentist Cheaper travel rates, accommodation and social media showing us that we can all be more adventurous if we really want to be, means that exotic holidays are more accessible than ever.

Taking Care Of Your Smile As A University Student

Diligent oral care whilst studying. Being at university is exciting, confusing and at times overwhelming. There are lots and lots of reasons you need your smile to be in the best condition during this memorable time of life. You’re meeting

Effective Care Of Your Teeth On The Go

Personal dental care away from home Tooth care at home is easy because you have a dedicated area for your toothbrush and toothpaste and you have an established routine. But what if you’re on the go a lot? What if

Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

From Crown House Dental In Egham It is really important to take care of your smile during pregnancy. This is because pregnancy can cause changes in your hormones that make you more likely to develop dental issues like gum disease,

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