Month: April 2018

Could Your Child Be Heading For A Tooth Extraction?

Minimise the risk! Shocking newspaper statistics at the beginning of 2018 let us know that a perplexing 170 children a day had teeth extracted in 2017. That was quite the health headline to begin the year with, and it has

The Sugar Tax

What you need to know…. Fizzy drinks have long been the enemy of teeth, but they are also a problem when it comes to obesity. High sugar drinks are bad news for health all round, and with obesity levels are

Support International Mother Earth Day

What can you change? There is a lot in the news about plastic at the moment. That footage of the man diving through the plastic filled sea in Bali made most of us feel a little bit sick in the

Time To Make Your Smile Gleam!

Your Oral Health Spring Clean With Crown House Dental in Egham During this wonderful transitional season of spring, there are ample opportunities to flush out the cobwebs from all different areas of life. Sure, the big house spring clean is

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