Month: December 2016

Make Small Health Commitments For A Long-Term Change

Commit to changing your personal oral care ready for 2017. During this quiet period between Christmas and New Year, here at your Egham dentist we want to encourage you to think about healthy changes you might want to make in

Keeping Your Teeth Free From Harm This Christmas

Don’t let over-indulgence spoil your smile! Christmas celebrations almost always revolve around food in some way. The problem is, we as a country, just love to indulge. There’s something so exciting about a glass of mulled wine and a mince

Smiling With Confidence At Your Christmas Party

Look your best as the season’s festivities begin. The festive season is a fun time for most, with lots of parties and social events bringing everyone together. However, the festive season can be torturous for those who struggle with confidence

Acid Reflux & How It Can Affect Your Teeth

A closer look at this relatively common condition. Acid reflux is an uncomfortable condition where the stomach acid comes back up, through the esophagus and into the mouth. Many people suffer with it, commonly after fried, greasy or spicy foods,

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