Month: July 2016

Your Lifestyle & Your Oral Health

How your day-to-day habits affect teeth and gums. Poor oral health has a detrimental effect on your entire body. It may just affect your confidence if you are concerned about the aesthetics, it may cause you issues with eating or

The Best Ways To Get Relief From Your Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity? Crown House Dental in Egham can help. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity you are one of many people struggling with the same issue. It is so common, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it for

How Could Dental Implants Benefit You?

The latest options for replacing missing teeth. Here at Crown House Dental, we want you to have confidence in your smile. For this reason, we use some of the most modern dental treatments in-house; available for you, our valued patients.

What To Do When You Have A Chipped Tooth?

Dentist Dr Ahmad Sami

Call your Egham dentist! Chipping a tooth is certainly an aesthetic nightmare if it happens to one of the ‘social six’ front teeth, and it can also sometimes be painful to boot. Luckily it is usually quite easy to repair

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