Month: February 2016

How To Look After Your Baby’s Teeth

Cleaning baby’s first teeth. Congratulations, your baby’s teeth are on their way! This is such an exciting milestone, you’re right to celebrate! So now your baby is sprouting their first pearly whites, it is time to start looking after them.

Adult Teeth Straightening At Crown House Dental

Discreet braces for adults and teens. Here at our Egham dentist we provide a wide range of professional services including both general and cosmetic dentistry. One area of our expertise that falls into both categories is adult teeth straightening. Not

Uneven Bite? Crown House Dental Can Help

Bite problems – a closer look at this relatively common condition. Our Egham dental practice receives many new patients annually, and one problem we often hear about is a misaligned bite, otherwise known as malocclusion. It may also be called

Treat Yourself To A New Smile This Valentine’s Day

 A long-lasting dental gift! Valentine’s is quickly approaching and we are sure many of you are already grinning about gifts you have bought a loved one, or about the romantic plans you have made for the day. Many of you,

Orthodontics – A Basic Guide

Teeth straightening and “bite” issues. It is all well and good hearing dental terminology banded around when you know what it means, but sometimes it can be daunting hearing it when you have no idea what it involves. Orthodontics is

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