Month: November 2015

Sensitivity – New Dental Crowns

Short term sensitivity and what causes it Here at our practice in TW20, our Egham dentists provide a high standard of cosmetic and general dentistry for all of our patients. One of the most common procedures we carry out is

Looking After Your Teeth During Pregnancy

Dental care advice for expectant mums in Egham. Our Egham dentist is family friendly, which means we get patients coming into us at all stages of life, including pregnancy. Surprisingly, many women don’t initially consider their oral care a priority

Great Children’s Lunchbox Ideas For Healthy Teeth

Healthy foods for your kids dental care! Here at our family friendly Egham dentist, we take great pride in welcoming all members of the family, ensuring everyone, no matter what their age, gets fantastic oral care and leaves our practice

Your local dentist – checking more than just your teeth and gums

How the condition of your mouth reflects your general health. Our Egham dentist focuses on providing efficient, professional, modern dentistry for everyone who attends our practice. Whether it’s advanced cosmetic dentistry, or a simple scale and polish, we ensure every

5 Awesome Facts About Teeth

Here are some tooth facts you probably don’t know! Here at our Egham dentist, we are genuinely passionate about teeth. Having studied them for years, you get to really appreciate how incredible they are, and the amazing things they can

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