7 top oral health tips from your Egham dentist

7 top oral health tips from your Egham dentist

Important dental facts for our patients.

When you visit the dentist, you probably have a few things in mind you want to mention, and expect your dentist to tell you anything they want you to know during the appointment. This is great and well done for attending your appointments regularly too!

However, did you also know that dentists commonly have several things they always want you to know? With that in mind, here are seven things your Egham dentist firmly believes will help improve your dental health.

1. Plaque Is Happening Right Now And Through The Night

Plaque sticks to every surface of your teeth and gets right into the gums wherever it can. Even when you teeth feel super clean, there is probably a thin layer of plaque covering them. Brushing twice a day for two minutes each time is so important, because you always need to get rid of plaque, even if your teeth feel clean. As well as fighting morning breath, brushing your teeth in the morning is important for other reasons. Sleeping with an open mouth dries your mouth out, and brushing helps restore the moisture and encourage saliva production. Plus, bacteria grows through the night, so you have to get rid of that as well.

2. Dry Mouth Is A Problem

Your saliva is a bit of a hero when it comes to fighting nasty bacteria in the mouth. Saliva helps wash your food down and also has tons of ‘super powers’, like being antibacterial and dealing with acid that is bad for your teeth. If you have dry mouth, rule out an underlying cause and seek effective treatment.

3. Tartar Has To Be Removed By A Dentist or Hygienist

When you don’t brush plaque away it turns hard and into something called tartar, which has to be removed by the dentist or hygienist

4. Poor Dental Hygiene Affects Your Overall Health

Poor dental hygiene is known to add to an increased risk of various conditions, including heart diseases and blood pressure. Poor oral health can also be a sign of other issues in the body, so it is important to care for and monitor your oral health to support your overall body health.

5. There Are Options For Your Smile Aesthetics

No matter what state your teeth are in, there are options to help you restore your smile. Many people believe that their teeth are so crooked or stained that there isn’t an option for them in terms of restoration; but modern dentistry has an answer for almost every smile issue. You may just need tooth whitening, or you may need a combination of treatments, but be assured there are options for you to help you get your confidence back.

6. Don’t Be Embarrassed

Whether you’ve neglected your teeth for years and you’re embarrassed about how they look, or you have skipped appointments for a while and worry we’ll judge you, please be aware that we in no way judge any patients, and simply work to help you achieve optimum health and happiness with your oral health.

7. Don’t Ignore The Signs Of Gum Disease

If your gums are sore, red, bleed when you brush, or your teeth feel loose, please don’t ignore the signs and come to see us. Early gum disease can be reversed with some changes to habits and oral hygiene, but when the disease becomes advanced, specialist treatment is needed and a lot of damage can be done.

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