Dental Implants At Crown House Dental, Egham

Dental Implants At Crown House Dental, Egham

Natural, strong, missing tooth replacement.

At our Egham dental practice we are proud to have Dr Raj Joshi leading our dental implants team.

Dental implants are an extremely advanced aspect of both restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and they have absolutely phenomenal scope in terms of how they can be used, and also how they can be useful to the patient.

So What Is A Dental Implant?

If you’re still unfamiliar with dental implants, they are used as a replacement tooth root. They look like a screw and are placed under your gums in order to fuse with the jawbone and surrounding tissues. For patients with bone or gum loss issues, there are grafting solutions which can be performed before the implant is placed. Once the implants have successfully fused (this takes a few months), we can add the permanent replacement teeth (‘crowns’) or bridges which attach to the implants.

What Can Dental Implants Do?

Dental implants have massive scope when it comes to all their uses. We can use them to support just one crown, or a bridge (with more than one implant), or even a complete set of dentures.

Why Have Dental Implants?

Although solutions to missing teeth like dentures can work for some people, they do come with their problems. Dentures can move when you eat, they can be very sore, and they can make some people feel self conscious. If you are struggling with regular dentures, or you have missing teeth and want a more permanent solution, dental implants may well be worth considering. They are more expensive than less permanent solutions, but they are also considered an investment and well worth the money compared with uncomfortable dentures and regular problems caused by missing teeth.

It is also worth mentioning that a lot of people simply want a modern and secure tooth replacement option. With any dentures, crowns or bridges there is no permanence. Yes we will give you the most secure and advanced options available, but for real security and permanence, dental implants are the right choice. They essentially become part of your body, and the replacement teeth we attach to them are extremely realistic and strong.

Do They Need Aftercare?

Dental implants are a lifelong commitment and will require regular monitoring and possibly some maintenance; but you won’t really need to do anything extra, because they will fuse with your body and your Egham implant dentist will check them when you visit. When we provide you with dental implants we provide you with a complete treatment plan so you can feel assured that you are looked after throughout the entire process.

OK, I Am Interested, What Do I Do Next?

If you would like to speak to us further about dental implants, please call us on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to book you in for a consultation. Dental implants require a full assessment to check if a patient is suitable for the treatment and, if for any reason you are not, we can offer you alternative treatments. However, the large majority of patients enquiring are able to proceed with their implant treatment and a few short months later are absolutely delighted with their new replacement teeth.

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