Is your annual winter holiday just around the corner?

Is your annual winter holiday just around the corner?

Boost your teeth and gum health before you go….

It is the season of winter holidays, where many of us jet off further afield in search of some winter sunshine to help us get through the colder, wetter months here in the UK. Your Egham dentist understands that these holidays are important, and we want to do our bit to help you look and feel great during your trip.

When it comes to your oral health, it’s a top priority for any holiday because you want your selfie smiles to look great and you don’t want a toothache to ruin your trip! With that in mind, we have the perfect tips to help you keep the perfect smile, in fact they’re as easy as one, two, three:

1. Before You Go

If your checkup or dental appointment with your Egham dentist is during your holiday, call to rearrange it and ideally have it before you go away. That way, any potential niggles or issues can be checked and treatment for them can begin. If your holiday isn’t for a little while yet, you might also want to consider having a cosmetic dentistry treatment such as tooth whitening? At Crown House Dental we use the boutique whitening technique of providing you with all you need to whiten your teeth at home. Tooth whitening alone can take years off the way you look and rejuvenate your smile, so it could be the perfect way to brighten your selfies on your holiday!

It is also a great idea to get the details of the dental facilities near your resort, so that should you have a dental emergency you have everything you need to get it treated or ensure you are comfortable before you can get the issue treated at home.

2. When You’re There

When you are on holiday you should be smiling about the sunshine, the pool, the sea, and the fact you have nothing to worry about for an entire week or fortnight. When we are so relaxed it can be easy to become lax with routines we put in places to keep healthy. For example; you might be going out to clubs late at night and treating yourself to the odd lie-in, in which case you might forget to brush your teeth. This could pose a risk to your teeth because bacteria will be able to build up and cause damage, it might even be enough to cause you an infection if you have any cracks or issues with your teeth that haven’t been treated or diagnosed yet.

Brushing twice a day for two minutes each time is maintenance you should always keep in place, regardless of your location. It may also be you have dental protection in place such as a retainer you have to use nightly, or a mouth-guard you need to use during sports. Remembering to keep all these habits in place on holiday is hard, but it is worth it!

3. After You Get Home

If you do have a dental issue, please book in at your local dentists for an emergency appointment so that it can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. If you’ve missed a checkup or need to book one in, do that as soon as you get back from holiday so you’re organised and set up to keep your smile looking beautiful for the rest of the year.

Please call us on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help.

Follow these tips and set yourself on the way to the brightest, whitest smile on your upcoming holiday. Enjoy the winter sunshine!

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