How To Ensure Teeth Stay Dazzling After Professional Whitening

How To Ensure Teeth Stay Dazzling After Professional Whitening

Prolong the effects of teeth whitening….

Professional whitening is extremely popular at the moment, and here at our Egham dentist we have seen a huge surge in existing and new patients enquiring about this great cosmetic dentistry treatment.

With it being so financially accessible nowadays, with options like payment plans and the ability to have it done in-house or at home with take-home trays, there’s now more reason than ever for everyone to get the perfect celebrity smile.

Why Get It Done?

Teeth can become stained over time for many different reasons including:

●     Ageing

●     Dental diseases

●     Habits like smoking or chewing tobacco

●    Drinking or eating food that stains the teeth

These stains may not be an issue for some, but for others they can spoil the aesthetics of a perfectly beautiful smile. Some people may even avoid smiling because they are so ashamed of stains on their teeth. Patients have been known to come away after having a whitening treatment grinning and smiling constantly because they cannot believe the difference. This one treatment can take years off a person’s appearance, in as little as an hour with the in-house option.

Keeping Teeth White After Whitening

If you go straight back to the same habits after whitening your teeth could become duller and less white again in as little as a month. Teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment, although the results can last quite a long time if you do all the right things. To keep your teeth as white as possible after whitening:

Follow Our Instructions

Your Egham dentist will give you clear instructions on what you can and cannot consume for around 48 hours following your treatment. Generally we advise you eat ‘white’ foods and clear or white liquids only. Our instructions have been carefully created to ensure you get the best results so it is important you follow them to keep your A-list smile for as long as possible.

Quit Smoking

We tend to advise you don’t smoke for at least 48 hours after the treatment, so why not take this opportunity to quit smoking? The risks associated with the habit are well publicised and continuing to smoke even after the 48 hours will begin to stain your teeth again.

Avoid Food & Drink That Stains Your Teeth

Coffee, red wine and and some spices like turmeric are all known to stain your teeth when you consume them regularly. Try to avoid drinking and eating these things to keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible. If you do want to consume liquids that stain, consider drinking them through a straw to limit their exposure to your teeth.

Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene

To brush away debris that stains the teeth, you must practice excellent oral hygiene. It is also important to do this so you keep the teeth healthy – it’s no good having white teeth if they are decayed and threatening to fall out!

Talk To Crown House About Teeth Whitening

We offer professional teeth whitening both in-house and in an at-home format, as well as other cosmetic dentistry procedures that transform the smile. Please give us a call on 01784432641 for more information, we would love to help you achieve the celebrity smile you have always wanted.

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