Is Cold Weather Making Your Teeth Hurt This Winter?

Is Cold Weather Making Your Teeth Hurt This Winter?

It Could Be Time For A Visit To Crown House Dental in Egham.

The cold weather is meant to be getting even colder according to recent newspaper reports, which means lots of lovely knitted hats, winter boots and excuses to stay in escaping from the wind and the rain. This increase in cold weather also means that tooth sensitivity that could have been less apparent in warmer weather, begins to cause issues again.

Your teeth are very hard and extremely efficient at protecting the sensitive nerves underneath the surface. However, they can be sensitive to extremely hot or cold liquids or air. This is because they have tiny ‘pores’ in them and we sense the temperature on the teeth naturally. They should though, be sufficient to indicate those temperatures without causing you pain.

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

When you get pain in your teeth from cold or hot air or food, this is because you have sensitive teeth. Very cold winds in winter can suddenly highlight this issue. Sensitive teeth can be caused by lots of things, but often there is some sort of minor crack in the tooth allowing the cold or hot air or substance to irritate the sensitive nerves underneath, causing a sharp pain or ache. These cracks in the teeth may not even be visible to you, but they will certainly be known to you via the pain you experience in your teeth!

Avoiding Sensitive Tooth Pain In Winter

One great way to stop your teeth hurting from the cold weather is to breathe through your nose when you are outside, or cover your mouth with a thick scarf. If you seem to be struggling with sensitive teeth more than usual this winter, then it might be that you have some underlying issues like gum disease, eroded tooth restoration work, cracks, bite problems or issues with grinding your teeth at night.

It might be that your teeth have exposed roots which can cause a lot of pain and sensitivity. Exposed roots can be caused by lots of things including receding gums caused by smoking or gum disease, or just from brushing too hard or using the wrong toothbrush.

When It’s Time To See Your Egham Dentist

You should see your dentist regularly throughout the year to ensure any dental issues are diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. In winter you might want to make an extra trip to see us if tooth sensitivity has become an issue for you. You shouldn’t be experiencing regular pain because of sensitive teeth and your Egham dentist will be able to check for and treat the cause. It may be that your teeth become more sensitive in the future, but your dentist can prescribe special toothpastes and help you adapt your dental hygiene regime to minimise the discomfort.

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