Do You Need An Apicoectomy?

Do You Need An Apicoectomy?

Here’s What It Means For You….

Apicoectomy is something a lot of people haven’t heard of and like many medical procedures, it sounds a lot more complicated than perhaps it is. For that reason, we wanted to let you know what an apicoectomy is, so if you need one, you don’t worry and you feel reassured that it is actually very beneficial and could be the procedure needed to save your tooth.

So What Is An Apicoectomy?

In some ways, an apicoectomy is a step further than a root canal treatment. When you have a tooth infection that goes all the way in your root, then you need root canal treatment. This is where the dentist goes into the tooth root and cleans out all the bacteria and infection causing you pain and other symptoms. If you have repeated infections, or the root infection runs deeper than previous infections, your dentist may consider an apicoectomy.

To assess the condition of your tooth, the entire gum area is numbed so that the dentist can access at the root level to evaluate further. It may be that another root canal is appropriate; however, it might be that the root is so badly damaged you need the whole tooth removing. Where your dentist feels the root is healthy enough, but the localised infection is bad enough, an apicoectomy may be warranted. The roots will be cleaned out just like with a root canal procedure, but the dentist will go one step further and slice the tip off the root off and seal it. This gives a greater chance of the infection being fully removed, hopefully protecting your tooth from further issues in the future.

Does An Apicoectomy Guarantee Tooth Health For Life?

Unfortunately, although an apicoectomy does help you keep your tooth, it doesn’t guarantee that your tooth will be healthy forever. As with anything natural, things can change and through various potential avenues your tooth may suffer from infection again, and it may need extracting in the future. The best thing you can do to avoid needing a tooth removed, or suffering from tooth infections in the first place, is ensure your dental hygiene regime is really good. Keep brushing your teeth twice a day everyday, ensuring all your teeth are brushed and clean. Use the right toothpaste and toothbrush, and keep up regular visits to your Egham dentist so they can spot any potential issues early.

Can I Request An Apicoectomy?

If you suffer from repeat root infections and feel an apicoectomy might be something to consider if it happens again, speak to your Egham dentist about how you feel. Only your dentist, who knows your dental history, who is able to perform diagnostics and who has the experience to know the best option for your tooth health, will be able to decide the best treatment for you. If there is ever any treatment or procedure that is likely to save a tooth, then your dentist will consider it, because ultimately they are in the business of saving teeth!

Do You Need To Make An Appointment With Crown House Dental In Egham?

If you want to discuss your dental health with your Egham dentist, you have more questions about an apicoectomy or you simply need to keep up that fantastic dental health regime by booking in for your regular checkup, please call 01784432641 and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you.

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