Starting the New Year Off Right!

Starting the New Year Off Right!

Visit Your Crown House Dental Hygienist In Egham

The New Year doesn’t have to bring dramatic transformations. You might already have plenty about your life that you love and are content with.

There is, however, always room for better health habits. Your oral health can always be improved, because your eating habits, hygiene habits, personal habits and body are always changing through ageing, pregnancy, sports and lots of other life events.

A great start to better oral hygiene in 2018 is to pay a visit to your Egham dentist. Unfortunately, many people don’t visit the hygienist as often as they should, but it is never too late to start visiting and forming better habits.

What To Expect When You Visit

When you go to visit your Egham dentist for a hygienist visit you’ll begin your appointment with a medical history check. Your dental hygienist will want to know about things such as medication you take, any medical conditions you have, and any issues you have with your teeth or gums. Following a medical history check they will want to know about how many times a day you brush your teeth, when you brush them, what type of toothbrush and toothpaste you use and if you use additional cleaning tools like mouthwash and floss. They will also want to know about your diet, and about any habits you may have that affect your teeth, like smoking.

This is a thorough assessment but it is necessary for the hygienist to understand where improvements can be made to your oral hygiene regimen.

Your hygienist has studied the teeth and gums in great detail and understands how each person requires a personalised oral hygiene plan. Just because you brush twice a day everyday doesn’t mean your brushing technique is the most effective, or that you’re brushing at the right time.

Your hygienist may suggest improvements in areas such as:

  • The type of toothbrush you use – the pressure and handle comfort need to be right for your gums, teeth and brushing style
  • Lengthening how long you brush or when you brush
  • Changing the pressure you put on the teeth and gums when you brush
  • The type of foods you eat for healthy teeth

It is especially important that you visit your Egham hygienist if you suffer from, or have suffered from gum disease. Your hygienist is highly educated in gum disease prevention and can help you avoid the condition.

Why Not Book An Appointment To See Your Egham Hygienist Today?

If you want to start 2018 in a fresh and healthy way, then book an appointment with your local hygienist. The appointment will take around 30 minutes and you’ll leave with clean and fresh feeling teeth, along with a detailed plan on how to improve your dental hygiene habits. Please call 01784432641 and our helpful team will be happy to book you an appointment!

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