Treat Yourself To A New Smile This Valentine’s Day

Treat Yourself To A New Smile This Valentine’s Day

 A long-lasting dental gift!

Valentine’s is quickly approaching and we are sure many of you are already grinning about gifts you have bought a loved one, or about the romantic plans you have made for the day. Many of you, however, won’t be doing any of that because you’re single. Here at your local Egham dentist, we think Valentine’s Day is a day for celebration whether you’re single or already in a relationship, because love comes in many forms – family, friends, partners, even pets. You will have lots of love to appreciate this Valentine’s Day, even if you are single!

In the case of this article, we’re championing self appreciation. You’re single, you’re happy, you’re ready to mingle and this is a great day to love and appreciate yourself. And what better way to do that, than by treating yourself to a new smile?

Your smile is the feature prospective partners consider to be the most important and it is widely thought to be the feature that makes you most memorable too. Basically, smiling is great and getting an upgraded version is the perfect way to love yourself this February 14th!

Why Get A New Smile?

There are lots of reasons people opt for cosmetic dentistry. Some people might see it as an afterthought following or combined with general dentistry, opting for something like teeth whitening to freshen up the aesthetics of their teeth. Other people may have a really low confidence because of their smile, raising a hand to cover the mouth when they laugh, or talking differently to avoid showing the teeth. Perhaps you’ve even stayed single on purpose because you’re so unhappy with your smile, you don’t feel attractive because of how it looks. Here at Crown House Dental, TW20, all our enquiries about cosmetic dentistry are completely different because everyone’s reasons for making a change are different and personal to them.

It is also worth mentioning that the options for cosmetic dentistry are incredibly advanced these days, and the speed and accuracy in which the most excellent results can be achieved are amazing.

What Types Of Treatments Are On Offer?

There are lots of different treatments which can be combined or completed in conjunction with other treatments. Just some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer are:

●     Teeth whitening

●     Teeth straightening

●     Dental implants

●     Veneers

You may well have an idea of the treatment you want, or perhaps you just want to discuss the issues with your smile and want recommendations from your Egham dentist. There are lots of options and often patients will have combination treatments in order to get the best results.

How Can I Treat Myself To A New Smile This Valentine’s Day?

All treatments require a consultation. If you do want to treat yourself to a new smile, the first thing you need to do is give us a call on 01784432641 so we can book you in for a chat. If there is something specific you are interested in, please take a look at the relevant page on our website for more information, or feel free to enquire over the phone. Remember, you deserve a truly beautiful smile this Valentine’s Day. Give that gift to yourself with Crown House Dental; we’re excited to help you!

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