Dealing With Toothache

Dealing With Toothache

Tackling a common dental problem.

One of the most common issues we are asked to help with here at our Egham dentists, is toothache. ‘Toothache’ is essentially any pain that occurs in the teeth, gums and jaw. Although it is usually because of tooth damage or tooth decay, it can be caused by lots of different things, and it can be felt in many ways.

It might be intermittent, or constant and consuming food or drink can often make it worse. The pain might be worse when you’re in certain positions, like lying down; it might feel like it is radiating from the ear, from the forehead, or even from the nose. It may also be difficult to know where the pain is coming from because it may seem to move around, it may be referred pain, or it might be a general dull ache with no specific location. However, if it is coming from an infection, then the pain might be very specific to one area. There are many different forms of what we know as ‘toothache’.

What Causes Toothache?

Toothache can be caused by a lot of things, but as a general rule, it suggests inflammation of the nerves and blood vessels in or around the tooth. Toothache can be caused by lots of things, including; damaged or cracked teeth, tooth cavities, issues with fillings, gum recession and dental abscesses. It may be that the toothache is referred from an issue elsewhere, such as a gum abscess, an ulcer, wisdom teeth pushing through, jaw pain or aching or sinusitis.

When To Call Your Egham Dentist?

It may be that your toothache is fleeting and the ache goes away. If this is the case, and it doesn’t come back, please make sure you remember to mention it to your Egham dentist at your next routine checkup. If the toothache doesn’t go away, you’ll need to get in to your dentist to gain a diagnosis and treatment. The reason quick treatment is important, is to prevent the pain and root cause of the problem getting worse. If your pain is caused by infection, the infection could find its way inside your tooth to the pulp which causes intense pain.


Treatment of toothache is unique to your individual dental issue, which is why you need to visit Crown House Dental to get a diagnosis. We may use X-rays and other diagnostics to take a look at your mouth. A thorough examination will also take place, so we can determine the root casue of the issue. It may be that you need a treatment such as a filling or root canal work if infection has spread. Our goal is always to work quickly to prevent dental problems getting worse, and to help reduce the cause of pain so you can feel much more comfortable, as soon as possible.


As always, prevention is better than cure because it saves you a lot of pain, discomfort and the financial cost of treatment. Avoiding bad habits, sugary drinks and food, maintaining sports protection (gum shields), keeping up a great oral hygiene regime, and paying regular visits to your Egham dentist, will all contribute to the prevention of dental issues.

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