The Risks Of Being A Dental Tourist

The Risks Of Being A Dental Tourist

What if treatment abroad goes wrong?

Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular at the moment. This is because everybody wants the perfect smile, but not everybody wants to pay UK prices for it.

This is a concern for clinics like your Egham dentist because of the potential risks and consequences associated with getting dental work overseas.

If you are considering becoming a dental tourist and getting treatment on holiday, please consider some of the potential downsides before you make a booking, and a potentially life changing mistake!

What Is Dental Tourism?

Dental tourism is where you seek out treatments abroad and then base a holiday around your trip. So you go away, you enjoy your holiday and have a set time during your week or two weeks where you have treatment, then you go home. There is usually no follow up trip, no consultation, and aftercare is not included.

Why Are People Having Dental Treatments Abroad?

In modern times, celebrities have perfect smiles and the treatments they had to get those smiles are widely spoken about. Veneers, teeth whitening and implants are common examples of the types of treatments that are popular because of celebrity culture. In the UK, the prices of these treatments are competitive, but not as competitive as treatments abroad. Those treatments come with potential risks and consequences, and aren’t always what they seem; but the opportunity for a cheap holiday and a new smile all for less than the treatment in the UK is too much for many people to resist.

What Are The Risks Of Dental Tourism?

Although there will be legitimate businesses offering dental treatments overseas, there are so many pitfalls it is often simply not worth the risk. There may be no proper consultation to check your suitability, and there is no time for proper aftercare. Treatments may be rushed into a day or two when they are designed to be completed over a matter of weeks or months. Patients may also receive lower quality products like veneers.

The worst risks are where patients may have dental work done by somebody who is not qualified and they may have treatments with tools, and in places, that are not hygienic. Patients may end up having work that causes physical damage and a lot of pain. Stories of patients coming back to the UK with dental work that will take treatment upon treatment to repair, and that causes daily pain, are not uncommon.

Speak To Your Egham Dentist About Professional Dental Treatments In The UK

If you want professional, high-quality treatments complete with extensive consultation and aftercare programmes, please give us a call. You can reach us on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to provide you with more information, or book you in for a consultation.

Dental tourism is certainly something that could save you money, but the risks and potential for long term issues and costs are definitely worth considering in great detail. The consequences of dentistry tourism gone wrong are definitely not worth smiling about!

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