The Consequences Of Avoiding Fillings

The Consequences Of Avoiding Fillings

Do it now to avoid bigger problems later….

One of the most common treatments at our Egham dentists is fillings. They can be done very quickly, painlessly and serve a very important purpose. However, some people do avoid having them done, even when they have been recommended by the dentist. This is a really bad idea and we wanted to explain why in our latest blog.

You may think that dentists act in a preventative way with everything we do – and that is absolutely correct, we are always striving to prevent bad things happening to your teeth.

However, when we perform a filling it serves as both preventative measure against future issues, and as a treatment. If we don’t think you need a filling but you might in the future, we will advise that the tooth in question is observed for now, so we can treat if necessary later; but also avoid the tooth being treated if possible as well.

However, if a tooth already has a cavity, unfortunately that is permanent and hence why you need a filling. So we would only ever suggest you need a filling if you do actually need one.

How Cavities Form

When a tooth decays gradually over time, bacteria thrive which causes further decay. Decay and the degrading of teeth is prevented by an effective oral health regime which involves flossing and brushing twice a day. However, we must also avoid sugary food and drink, highly acidic and starchy foods in order to keep our mouth healthy. Food and drink like this ‘works’ with any residual plaque to increase the negative effect of nasty bacteria which in turn release acids which harm the teeth. The acid will break down tooth enamel and eventually cause a permanent cavity.

The Consequences Of Avoiding A Filling

If you do have a cavity and need a filling, you will be unable to get rid of it naturally – it is not reversible and it will get worse. The tooth will keep rotting, infections could set in, and the root could be affected which will need root canal treatment. If that isn’t dealt with promptly, your tooth and root may die and you may lose the tooth altogether.

So having a filling is likely to save you lots of pain, help you avoid further complications and save money and save time. Hopefully it’s clear to see that having a filling at your local Egham dentist in TW20 is much easier than having root canal treatment, or tooth extraction!

A Choice Of Aesthetics

We can provide both traditional amalgam (metal fillings) and white fillings depending on your budget and preference. We will ask you what your preference is at the time of recommending your personalised treatment plan.

Please Call Crown House Dental, Egham, For More Information

If you’re scared of having fillings, please be assured that we are trained to treat nervous patients and we can certainly help you. Most fillings are relatively simple, quick procedures and they are completely painless. Having them done will also help you avoid much more invasive procedures in future. Please give us a call on 01784432641 and we can give you more information, or book you an appointment depending on your preference.

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