Planning an exotic trip overseas?

Planning an exotic trip overseas?

Preparing for oral health care with your Egham dentist

Cheaper travel rates, accommodation and social media showing us that we can all be more adventurous if we really want to be, means that exotic holidays are more accessible than ever. There are lots of things to consider with trips like these, but we want to help you with one very important consideration, and that is your oral health.

There’s nothing like a horrible toothache to ruin any trip, but it is a lot worse when you don’t have access to a dentist until you get home. You also want the best possible smile for that incredible jungle/abandoned beach/mountain top selfie you’re going to break the internet with! Dr Hana Khan shares some sound advice below:

Take Spares And Then More Spares!

On a normal holiday you might take a toothbrush and toothpaste, knowing you could buy replacements at the local supermarket with English products or, products just like those you buy at home. However, when the holiday is more exotic and you won’t have a shop to visit, or you won’t be able to understand labels and language is a true barrier, you need to take spares. Just take two brushes and two toothpastes instead of one, so you know if you leave a toothbrush behind in your accommodation, you’ve got a spare available to you.

Keep Up Oral Health Routines

The less you care for your teeth daily, the more likely an issue is to arise whilst you are away. Daily oral health routines of brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time will make a lot of difference to how healthy your teeth look and feel. So even if you are partying or, travelling overnight, try to remember to brush twice a day for two minutes at the very least.

Watch What You Eat And Drink

You might not know how hard a certain food is, and you might not have an idea of things like sugar and acid content. Try to keep things simple with your food, avoiding anything you’re unsure of. At the very least, try to avoid tap water or unhygienic water sources when brushing your teeth as they may cause tummy upset.

Consider Your Activities

Whether it is diving into a waterfall pool, rock climbing, playing football with local people, or horse riding, you need to consider your activities if they put your smile at risk. Measured risks are the best option where you know you’re likely to be safe and you’ve checked the safety of the activity you’re doing. This also means you can check that you’re not at risk of chipping a tooth, or knocking a tooth out during the activity. You could always get a custom mouthguard from your Egham dentist if you know sports are part of your trip and you want extra protection.

Come And See Crown House Dental Before You Go

If you do have any dental issues that could get worse, it is best to get them treated before you go on your trip. At your appointment with us we can check for any potential issues, and treat them during your visit, or arrange for treatment at another appointment in the near future. Please call us on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to book you an appointment at a time to suit you. Crown House Dental are here to help you have a great smile ready for your next adventure!

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