Preparing Your Teeth For Your Travels

Preparing Your Teeth For Your Travels

Oral health tips if you’re travelling.

If you’re about to go on a trip, you’re bound to be excited and collecting lovely holiday clothes, accessories, holiday money and other essentials. When we are planning on going away we put a lot into picking the right clothes, planning our trip and even packing a little first aid kit in case of illness while we are away.

But most of us would admit the same amount of thought doesn’t go into preparing our teeth for travel.

Sure we might buy a cute travel toothbrush and toothpaste, but that will usually be the maximum effort put in. But this can be a big mistake because happiness on our holidays actually relies on us having healthy, happy teeth too. Bright smiles for beach selfies, strong teeth for chomping lots of delicious holiday food – our teeth need to be tip top for our trip!

So here are some tips to get your teeth travel ready:

Have A Checkup Pre-Trip

Try and have a checkup before your holiday if possible, especially if you missed your last one. Having a thorough examination at your local Egham dentist is important to check any issues before they crop up and cause you problems on holiday.

Write Down Your Dentist’s Number

If you do have any dental issues while you are away, you might be able to save yourself a trip to a foreign dental practice by calling your local Egham dentist. They might be able to tell you if an issue can be treated when you get home rather than while you are away, and they might be able to recommend a product that can help in the meantime.

Plan For An Emergency

In the same way you might write down the details of the nearest hospital or doctors to your holiday accommodation, you should do the same for your dental care. Look for online reviews and recommendations for English speaking dentists in the area who are qualified and who holidaymakers have previously had a good experience with. Leaving it until an emergency at the time is a bad idea, as you might end up getting sent to an expensive dentist recommended by the hotel.

Prepare Your Toothbrush For Transport

You might not be able to have your toothbrush air dry all the time on holiday, especially if you’re visiting different locations and moving around. In this instance try to keep your wet toothbrush away from dirty surfaces and from coming into contact with other toiletries by keeping it in its own resealable bag. A zip lock freezer bag is usually completely adequate.

Be Prepared To Use Bottled Water To Brush

If you are unsure if the tap water is clean or not, or you’re camping and only have the stream for running water, use bottled water to brush your teeth. This will reduce your chance of getting a waterborne illness.

Visit Your TW20 Dentist When You Get Back

If you have had a dental issue while you were away, make an appointment with us as soon as you get back so that it can be resolved quickly and doesn’t get worse. Please call us on 01784432641 and we will be pleased to make you an appointment at our friendly clinic based handily in Egham.

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