Is The Freezing Weather Giving You Problems With Your Teeth?

Is The Freezing Weather Giving You Problems With Your Teeth?

Get on top of sensitive teeth at Crown House Dental, Egham

For some people, freezing weather is exciting because it means cosy winter walks, stunning frost dusted scenery and maybe even sledging if the snow falls.

For some of us though, it can only mean one thing – tooth pain. The misery of breathing through your mouth outside in winter and feeling that familiar twinge of agony shooting through the teeth into the gums. Ouch!

If your teeth are feeling the chill this winter, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from sensitive teeth and often, the problem can come to light, or become exacerbated during the colder season. Breathing in chilly air can be just as painful as drinking an iced drink when you have sensitive teeth. So much so, lots of people find themselves wishing for spring far beyond the promise of daffodils.

So Why Does The Cold Air Cause Tooth Pain?

There are lots of reasons cold air causes tooth pain, but the most common reason is tiny little hairline cracks in the teeth. These cracks occur when teeth are repeatedly exposed to sudden changes in temperature. When you breath in the cold air your teeth contract, then when you close your mouth and warm your teeth back up they expand again. This is a normal process and doesn’t guarantee your teeth will be affected. However, what can happen is this constant stress on teeth causes little tiny cracks. These cracks expose the nerves to hot and cold temperatures which then causes pain.

This isn’t necessarily the only reason you might suffer from sensitive teeth. There are many different reasons you could be suffering from sensitive teeth including:

  • Filling issues where the filling has left gaps
  • Crown or bridge issues where the materials have degraded
  • Teeth that have large visible cracks
  • Gums that have recessed due to excessively hard brushing or gum disease
  • Issues with the bite causing damage to teeth
  • Clenching issues
  • Problems with grinding the teeth at night
  • Infections
  • Particularly sensitive teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Fillings that take up a lot of the tooth

These are just some of the many reasons teeth can be sensitive. Allergies and issues with the sinuses can be another cause of tooth sensitivity.

Because there are so many reasons teeth can be sensitive it is important that the first thing you do when experiencing it is to visit your Egham dentist. We can diagnose causes of tooth sensitivity like infections or faulty fillings and treat those issues to eliminate your tooth sensitivity completely. Your sensitivity could also be the first symptom of something like gum disease which responds well to early treatment. If we can’t find the cause of the sensitivity, or the cause is something that isn’t treatable, there are recommendations we can make for certain treatments and products that can minimise the effects of the tooth sensitivity like fluoride paint and special toothpastes.

Let Crown House Dental Help You Break Free Of Sensitive Teeth This Winter

Do you need to make a dental appointment with your Egham dentist? Please call us on 01784432641 and we will be happy to make you an appointment at a time to suit you. We can help you break free from the pain and discomfort of sensitive teeth!

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