Treat Yourself To The Perfect Selfie Smile

Treat Yourself To The Perfect Selfie Smile

Spruce up your smile ready for summer at Crown House Dental in Egham!

Selfies are fun everyday, when we do fun things. They are even more fun though, when we have holiday experiences to shout about. Hotdog legs, selfies with a drink by the pool, stories of adventures and perfectly clear sea water and white sand. Who wouldn’t want to brag about that with a quick selfie? Regardless of whether you’re going to Blackpool or Bermuda, there’s one thing that makes any selfie stand out, and that is a beautiful smile. Your smile says you’re having a great time, it says you’re happy, and it makes literally any outfit look great!

Do you feel your smile is at its best? Are you confident about your smile? Or would you love to have a smile that was whiter or straighter?

Here at your Egham dentist we have a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can turn your smile up a notch, and hopefully help you feel some restored confidence in what should be one of your greatest assets. Check out these cosmetic dentistry treatments for the perfect selfie smile this summer:

Teeth Whitening

We use an at home whitening system called Polanight which is just as effective as in-house teeth whitening. It uses specially made trays and whitening gel which you use together every night for around 7 to 10 nights until we reassess the colour of your teeth. It is the perfect pre-holiday treatment for anybody wanting a bright, white smile that helps rejuvenate the whole face.

Hygienist Appointments

Our hygienists can provide a scale and polish to give the teeth a quick boost before your holiday. It gets rid of any surface stains and cleans the teeth so they look fresh and beautiful for your trip.


For a more transformational smile upgrade, veneers can completely change the look of your smile. They can correct a multitude of problems such as gappy, misaligned, discoloured or chipped teeth. They are an excellent option if you want a renewed smile for your holiday and you have a fair amount of time to go before you jet off (veneers are not just completed in one appointment).

Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening is transformative for some people who may have been self conscious about the way their teeth are angled or misaligned. For adults, it can seem as though straightening isn’t an option because traditional braces are not discreet and do not feel appropriate. These days there are many different options for teeth straightening that are discreet and quick. We offer Cfast cosmetic tooth alignment and ART repositioning trays. Both options are incredibly convenient, quick and effective and they have been designed for maximum discretion. For a long term smile boost before your holiday, teeth straightening could be a great option!

Smile Makeovers At Crown House Dental In Egham

Your Egham dentist also offers complete smile makeovers where we use a combination of treatments to transform your smile. We may use any of the methods above, as well as restorative treatments like white fillings, crowns and bridges. A smile makeover could be the ultimate way to give yourself the perfect holiday selfie, and everyday selfie, especially if you have been covering your smile up through insecurity.

However you want us to help achieve your perfect selfie smile, please call us on 01784432641 and we can advise you further, or make you an appointment. Every Crown House Dental transformation journey starts with a consultation, and ends with the perfect selfie smile!

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