The summer holidays are nearly here….

The summer holidays are nearly here….

Make sure your child’s oral health is suitably protected.

The summer holidays mean fun for all the family, especially the children who get six whole weeks off school! Sports, delicious food, seeing their friends, going on holiday: there’s endless memories to be made, and treasured for the rest of their life.

During this time, it is so important to protect your child’s teeth from the many risks that are associated with various activities. A child’s oral health is extra precious because they are growing adult teeth to last them a lifetime, and damage to these teeth could cause permanent issues; not a positive thing to have at such a young age! Some people mistakenly believe that if a child has baby teeth and they are damaged, that the adult teeth won’t be affected, but the adult teeth are already inside the gum so they can be damaged, along with the gums that are growing to protect them.

To ensure your child has a smile on their face all summer, consider taking the following precautions:

Keep Sugar Consumption Down To A Minimum

Water is the best form of hydration, so try and keep sugar consumption down to a minimum by encouraging your child to drink water instead of sugary fizzy drinks. Sugary ice creams and ice lollies should also be kept to a minimum and be given as a ‘treat’. ‘Healthy’ sugars like frozen fruit are great and natural ways for children to cool down without all the extra additives and acid you get with processed treats. However, it’s sensible to moderate even the intake of ‘healthy’ sugars too.

Watch Out For Starchy Foods

Starchy foods like crackers and white bread can be really bad for the teeth because they are sticky and hence stick to the tooth. Bacteria feeds on them and omits an acid which damages the enamel on the teeth. Where possible reduce your child’s consumption of these starchy foods or try and follow them with some fibrous foods or water to help clean the residue off the teeth.

Keep Up The Oral Health Routine

With holidays and playing out, the oral health routine can fall by the wayside in children responsible for their own brushing. Take care to check they are spending as much time as they should brushing their teeth, and that their technique is keeping their teeth clean. It is also important to keep scheduled dental appointments with your Egham dentist to ensure your child’s dental health is checked. This means any issues can be spotted early and treated before they get any worse.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth From Sports

Sports like contact sports or ball sports can be a risk to a child’s gums and teeth. Injuries sustained in this way can be very painful, can result in the need for extensive treatment at the time of injury and in the future, and they may mean your child is uncomfortable for the rest of their summer holidays. To prevent injury to this area, a custom mouthguard from your Egham dentist is a good idea. It is designed to protect your child’s mouth from the damage they could suffer to that area of the body; particularly from contact sports.

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