All You Need To Know About Teeth Straightening

All You Need To Know About Teeth Straightening

Treatment for patients with misaligned teeth in Egham.

Here at our Egham dentist, we get lots of enquiries about teeth straightening. Although straight teeth are something that has always been desirable, and old fashioned tooth straightening techniques have been around for a long time, recently we have seen a surge in enquiries about this type of cosmetic dentistry, mainly for three reasons.

The first reason is popular culture. Reality TV, magazines, social media and blogs all seem to show that everyone who is anyone has a perfect set of pearly whites.

The second is because the prices of the treatments have dropped, making a perfect smile achievable for most budgets. The third is because dentistry techniques have advanced massively, and if you want straighter teeth you’re no longer limited to old fashioned obtrusive braces that don’t look aesthetically pleasing, and take a long time to have any real effect.

Cosmetic adult orthodontics provides simple, refined, fast solutions for tooth straightening. The technology on offer is impressive and here at our Surrey dentist, we are happy to say we see most of our adult orthodontics patients looking amazed when we show them how the solutions work, how subtle they are visually and how quickly they work as well.

At our clinic, we use a special tooth straightening system called Cfast and are happy to have Mr Sami on our staff who is fully trained to use the system.

We have a lot of people using the system for effective results, and often those patients will also opt to have additional cosmetic dentistry treatments as well so that they can enjoy a complete smile makeover. Tooth whitening and teeth contouring can be great additions to teeth straightening treatments to create a complete smile transformation.

At our Egham dentist we are incredibly proud to be able to offer our patients such a fantastic selection of revolutionary treatments that not only affect how the patient looks, but most importantly, transform how they feel about themselves, enabling them to smile with real pride.

What Does A Smile Makeover Involve?

We can provide you with plenty of options for teeth straightening if that is your only concern or need. However, we do also offer a smile makeover process if you’re looking to completely transform your smile. Perhaps your teeth have visibly endured a lot of wear and tear over the years, bad habits have caused your teeth to become discoloured or damaged, you’ve always wanted nicer teeth but traditional dental technology never appealed to you, or maybe you just fancy getting the ‘A list smile’ you always wanted.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a completely new smile, we can help you. We will go through a complete consultation and assessment with you, explaining all the different options we think would work best for your individual needs. Some of the treatments we might suggest as part of this process are:

●     Teeth whitening

●     Teeth straightening

●     Veneers

●     Crowns, bridges and dentures with an extra cosmetic approach

We will also do a full dental health check to ensure there are no outstanding issues with your dental health that need addressing first. We ensure that you are given all of the most appropriate options for you at the time of assessment, all your questions are answered and you are given all the relevant information about what the treatments involve, how long they take, the results you can expect and the costs, so you are able to make a completely informed decision about how you want to move forward.

Speak To Crown House Dental Practice About Getting The Perfect Smile

If you are interested in adult orthodontics, a smile makeover, or any of our cosmetic dentistry treatments, please give us a call on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to give you more information and help you start your journey to getting the perfect smile.

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