Time To Make Your Smile Gleam!

Time To Make Your Smile Gleam!

Your Oral Health Spring Clean With Crown House Dental in Egham

During this wonderful transitional season of spring, there are ample opportunities to flush out the cobwebs from all different areas of life. Sure, the big house spring clean is important to get rid of those dingy, dusty winter feels and replace them with fresh, bright spring decor and cleanliness.

But, you can apply that ‘freshening up’ attitude to any area of your life you want, or need to, including your oral health. You can and should freshen up your oral health because your smile is permanent and with you all the time, unlike your decor which is easily replaced. Check out these easy tips to make your smile gleam with an oral health spring clean:

Get Your Smile Checked Out

Your oral health checkups at your Egham dentist are so important. They check your tongue, soft tissues, teeth, gums and throat to check everything is as it should be. Any problem from enamel damage, decay or gum disease all the way to very serious issues like cancer are all more likely to be successfully treated with early diagnosis, so please get your appointment booked in!

Beat Those Bad Habits

You may not have stuck to ditching bad habits in January, but there is always a new opportunity to try and beat them again. Smoking, excessive drinking and eating the wrong things all have an impact on your oral health and overall health. Use this seasonal fresh start to re inspire you to be who you want to be this year.

Brush Right!

Your oral health regime is so important because it helps keep your teeth healthy everyday in between visits to the dentist. It can be so easy to brush too hard or use the wrong toothpaste, or miss certain areas of the mouth when you brush. Book in with our Egham dental hygienist for oral hygiene advice tailored to your specific needs.

Sort Out Your Diet

What you eat and drink impacts your entire body, including your oral health. Too much starch, acid and sugar will have a negative impact on your smile. For good oral health and overall vitality, make an effort to spring clean your diet today.

Get Any Issues Checked Out Before Your Checkup

If you have receding gums, sensitive teeth, toothache or any new oral health issues you’re putting off getting checked out until your appointment, we recommend getting a new appointment booked in today. Unfortunately, any problems with your teeth and gums will usually get worse and become more painful and expensive to treat if you leave them.

If you need to book an appointment with Crown House Dental in Egham, please call 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help book you in at a time to suit you.

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