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Inner Confidence And Dental Health

How Does Your Smile Make You Feel?

Exactly how do you feel about your smile? Sure, it feels great to chew confidently without worrying about teeth shifting or moving and it feels wonderful to have the firm, facial structures your teeth help support. It feels excellent to talk as you always did, and to eat what you want, when you want.

But how does having a healthy, happy smile really make you feel?

We smile when we are happy, we show our teeth whilst expressing ourselves, when we meet friends or family, and when we say thanks or communicate our wishes to others. So a really strong, natural, happy smile that is healthy does far more than function physically; it has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. Understanding how integral an attractive and healthy smile is in relation to how you feel about yourself is really important, so you can look at improving your smile, in a way that also improves your confidence.

Your Smile And Your Confidence

A smile is incredibly important when it comes to a person’s confidence, for many different reasons.

Expression & Communication

We express ourselves using our smile, in lots of different ways. Visually you let people know you are happy with your smile. You also speak using your teeth, tongue and lips, which allows you to let people know what you are thinking, feeling and what you want them to know. Your teeth help you exhibit emotions and your smile is a massive part of self expression.

Social Life

Your social life relates to your smile quite strongly. If you have no issues with your smile you may not even be aware that it could ever impact your social life negatively. However, if you do suffer from smile confidence, you may know all too well the impact a smile you don’t feel proud of can have on your relationship with others. Maybe you cover your mouth when you speak or laugh, maybe you only smile with your lips closed? It may be that you avoid meetings with friends and family because of how you feel about your smile.

Professional & Personal Life

A lot of people who feel insecure about their smile may find that they are hindered in their professional life. They may avoid the job they want because they are worried about interviews and showing their teeth. This professional life restriction could literally be preventing you from earning more money and progressing in your career. The same can be said for a love life that is not progressing because of your teeth. If you feel unattractive because of your smile, you may feel that nobody will want to date you. In fact you may not want to go on a date because you know your smile will be judged and you won’t be able to express yourself.


How we look has a direct impact on how we feel. There is a lot to be said for accepting your personality and what is inside for true self confidence. Real confidence does come from within. However, it is known that how we look outside really does affect how we feel about ourselves. A haircut, new outfit that fits really well and maybe a lipstick that makes your eyes stand out can make you feel really good about yourself, which then improves inner confidence. Having a bright, white smile that looks great can be a real confidence boost, and vice versa, but if you hate your smile, you may feel you don’t look great which then affects your confidence. If teeth are missing you may have found your facial structure has become more hollowed in places, ageing your face and affecting your confidence further.

Your Smile And How Others Perceive You

Regardless of how your smile looks, if you aren’t confident about it, that will automatically project outwards to others and they may well sense it.

Regardless of your confidence levels, your smile does have a huge effect on how others perceive you. A beautiful smile is known to make us look more employable, more attractive, more trustworthy and even more loyal. Some people even rate smiles above physical form or eyes in terms of attractiveness. A big, confident, beautiful smile is also known to help make you look younger.

Let Crown House Dental In Egham Help You Get Your Smile Confidence Back

Your smile confidence could be affecting your inner confidence more than you realise. The good news is, you do not have to live out the rest of your life feeling bad about your smile. You deserve to have the smile confidence to get the career,and the social life you have always wanted. A good smile won’t get you everything you ever wanted, but it is a great starting point.

Your Egham dentist can help you get your smile confidence back. We have a wide range of treatments available to help you restore your smile, including:

  • Veneers
  • Dental implants
  • White fillings
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dentures
  • Adult teeth straightening
  • Teeth whitening


We will require that you come in to have a consultation with us first where we can check the condition of your oral health, and find out what it is you are looking to achieve. We will never, ever judge you and we will always primarily look to treat any health issues first such as active gum disease, so you have a strong foundation for any restorative and cosmetic treatment. We will ensure we offer you various treatment options at different price points and we will always be transparent about cost and timescales.

If you want to transform your teeth to get the smile confidence you deserve, please call our friendly team on 01784432641 and we can book you an appointment at a time to suit you. Our team has the skills, experience, modern tools and dedication to completely restore your smile, helping you restore your smile confidence!

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