Boosting Your Smile Ready For A Big Event

Boosting Your Smile Ready For A Big Event

A ‘smile makeover’ for a special day from your Egham dentist.

A big, confident, bright smile makes all the difference. It not only makes you look younger, appear more attractive and friendly, but it makes you feel good too.

Whether you’re getting ready to get married, go on a big date, or for a holiday, you want to be sure your smile is at its best; here’s how:

When You Don’t Have Much Time

There are so many times throughout your life when you really need the best smile. Sometimes you might even need it to help you out a little – in a job interview, or when you’re trying to win somebody over. Smiling has so much of a positive impact on so many things including:

●     Helping you feel more confident

●     Making you look younger

●     Making you appear more attractive

●     Making you feel more confident

So it makes sense your smile will be a top priority when it comes to preparing for a big event. But there isn’t always tons of time to prepare, which is why one of our primary recommendations would be tooth whitening. We can perform the treatment in-house in one hour, and the results are truly dazzling. Depending on the current shade of your teeth, you could see them lighten many shades whiter. We may have last minute appointments available, but always require a consultation as most, but not all, are suitable for the treatment.

To complement whiter teeth and make your teeth look whiter in general, a darker shade of lipstick will help, as will a darker skin-tone which can be achieved with a little bronzer. You might also want to lay off things like coffee and red wine before the event as they stain the teeth. It may sound a bit radical but you can also drink things like coffee and red wine through a straw to try and limit the contact they have with the teeth; maybe not all the time but just ahead of your big event.

Another heavy stainer is smoking. Ideally, you wouldn’t smoke anyway, but if you do, be aware it will not only affect the colour of your teeth, but it can dry your mouth and affect your breath – not a winner when it comes to a first date!

When You Have More Time To Prepare

If you have more time to prepare, you might want to think about a smile makeover. At our Egham dentist we have a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments to offer you, including veneers, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, orthodontic treatments and dentures. We would arrange a consultation with you to determine your expectations and needs, perform a full examination and then discuss what we think the best course of action is.

Following a treatment plan, transparent treatment cost and agreement, we would combine various treatments to give you a total smile makeover. People will often have this performed when they want to completely transform their smile. You may have serious dental conditions which have caused you to lose your teeth, or your teeth may have been neglected over the years causing serious staining and breakages. Whatever your current condition there is something we can do to give you a transformational ‘celebrity’ smile. What better way to feel completely refreshed, confident and beautiful at your important event?

Let Us Help You Get The Perfect Smile For Your Big Event

If you’re interested in benefiting from cutting edge cosmetic dentistry and transforming your smile at our Egham dentist, please call us on 01784432641 and we will be very happy to give you more information, or book a consultation. Please be aware all our cosmetic dentistry requires a thorough consultation and in the event a treatment isn’t suitable, we will always recommend an alternative.

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