Protecting Your Smile – With Crown House Dental

Protecting Your Smile – With Crown House Dental

With party season around the corner, remember these tips to help keep your teeth in great shape

As it starts to get colder and more blustery outside, most of us spend more time indoors, getting cosy with hot beverages and embracing the fantastic TV that begins at this time of year. However, there are still good reasons to go out in the hours outside of work, and that is because it will soon be party season! From bonfire parties, to Halloween and of course all the Christmas parties, there are plenty of exciting social events to look forward to during Autumn and Winter.

Despite the many smiles you’re going to have going to all these parties, it isn’t all fun and games for your teeth. You’re likely to enjoy a tipple at these events if you do drink alcohol, and some alcoholic drinks are very bad for your teeth. Drinking responsibly will limit the damage, but just one high sugar and acidic drink per party means a regular assault on your smile throughout this season. With that in mind (and without wanting to spoil the fun too much!) here are some of the worst drinks for your smile:

Rum & Coke

Fizzy pop is bad for your teeth. Full sugar varieties are the worst, but even diet types are high in acid and are still bad for your teeth. Team it up with a dark alcohol like rum or whisky and you’ve got a drink that has the potential to contribute to staining the teeth as well.


Cider is extremely high in acid and sugar and it could wear away tooth enamel if you drink too much of it too often. Fruit ciders are even worse as they are even more sugary and bathe the teeth in acid and sugar for the entire time you’re drinking them, then for the evening until you go home and brush your teeth.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary cocktails can be bad for the teeth because the tomato juice is so high in acid, and many of the other components of the cocktail are also highly acidic.

Vodka & Fruit Juice

Vodka and fruit juice is a risky drink combination for the teeth and gums. Vodka dries the mouth out which gets rid of the saliva which is extremely important for protecting the teeth and neutralising nasty bacteria. The fruit juice, whether it is orange juice or cranberry juice, is high acid and high sugar, so could work towards causing cavities and wearing away enamel.

The Best Drinks For Your Teeth

To try and limit the negative effects of party drinks on your smile this season, try and stick to drinks like light beer which is high in water and low in acid, gin and tonics which are clear and lower in acid than other drinks, and cava which is the most low acid of the wines. Drinking with a straw will limit the impact of the drink on the teeth, and adding ice will water the drink down and help dilute any adverse effects.

Keep Your Teeth In Good Shape This Party Season With Crown House Dental

If you would like to ensure your teeth aren’t showing signs of wear and tear from party season, and you’d like to catch any potential issues early, please book into your Egham dentist for a checkup. Call our Egham dentist on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to book you an appointment at a time most convenient for you.

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