Thinking Of Making Your Annual Holiday A Dental Tourism Trip?

Thinking Of Making Your Annual Holiday A Dental Tourism Trip?

Think Again….

With the rise of cosmetic dentistry and the popularity of having the perfect smile, comes the rise in members of the public seeking the lowest price for treatments. Of course, everybody should shop around for the best possible quality treatment at the best possible price. However, that isn’t something that you are necessarily going to get by going abroad for your dental work.

Dental tourism is something that some people are choosing to opt for this year, in order to get the perfect smile at the seemingly perfect price. It is tempting to go on a sun drenched holiday to a beautiful country and have your smile treatments lower than UK prices. However, it is certainly not the glorious escape it is cracked up to be and in the long run, it could be a real pain, both physically and financially. Here are some of the issues with dental tourism:

Cheap Components

Whether you are having dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers or any other dental components, they could well be made cheaply abroad. That means that they are not as durable, they might not look as good, and worst of all, in some instances the materials used might not even be safe.

Lack Of Consultation

At your local Egham dentist you can expect a thorough consultation to check you are suitable for the treatments offered to you. Certain treatments are not available to patients with certain medical conditions, lifestyle habits or dental histories. Every patient is treated as an individual. With dental tourism, you could be accepted for a treatment without prior consideration of your oral health or lifestyle, which means certain treatments like implants could fail.

A Lack Of Expertise

In the UK there are various ways to check a dentist or dental specialist is qualified in the treatment they are providing. Overseas, it isn’t so clear and you may be so focused on the holiday and the excitement of the treatment it might not even cross your mind to check their experience and qualifications. That means somebody as qualified as a dental beautician could be performing advanced dental procedures on your teeth and gums. It doesn’t bare thinking about, does it?

A Lack Of Aftercare

As you are likely to be in your chosen country of dental tourism for a week or two, there won’t be any proper follow up care. This could cause what is usually a treatment that is completed over months to be squeezed into a few days, or even one session. And following your treatment, you will be many, many miles away from the place you had the work done if anything goes wrong.

Speak To Your Egham Dentist About Professional And Safe Cosmetic Dentistry

Here at Crown House Dental In Egham we care about the oral health of our patients. We have seen and read about patients who have gone for cosmetic dentistry overseas, who have been left with unsightly, painful work, and a lot of corrective work ahead of them that has cost them much more than their initial dental holiday. Although you may be excited to save money in the short term, in the long term you could pay a much higher price, in lots of different ways and you have to consider whether or not it is worth the risk.

If you would like professional, high quality cosmetic dentistry in a safe and hygienic environment, please call your Egham dentist on 01784432641 and we will be delighted to book a consultation for you. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority and we are here to help you enjoy a healthy, happy smile for life!

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